Summer in London

There was the boy and the girl.
The man and his wife.
The father and his daughter.
The mobile phone text message girl.
The photographer.
The biker in his blue t-shirt.
The romantic couple.
The two girls talking beside the overfilled trash can.
The handsome guy making a phone call.
The blond guy and his girlfriend.
The guy filming it all.
The two ladies enjoying a look at the Thames.
The Eastern couple with their M&S food.
The 2 women having an hour long talk about Life, The Universe, and Everything.
The lonely girl staring in the distance.
The music guy reading the business section.

And there was me, trying to find a credible reason why my male character would fall in love with my female protagonist, because he has to. In my stories people fall in love.

In my stories I am in love with London.

4 thoughts to “Summer in London”

  1. Dear Ingrid, as to a credible reason for your character falling in love, the question is: in most cases, we don’t really know why. So, if you/he can’t explain it, all the better ;)

  2. a look, a touch, a thought. Jill is right on … it’s one of those mysteries perhaps explained by a complex physical/emotional reaction. The longer I live, the more mysterious it all gets too.

    Great pictures!

  3. Thanks girls. Maybe my phrasing was a bit too simple.
    I am trying to find a subtle way of showing that that is in fact happening between 2 people who seem not compatible at all, at first sight.

    You know like Lawrence falling for Gina because she probably is the first woman ever to actually see/notice him.

    I’ll come up with something at some point. :-) And I am not trying to understand the mystery of it, as that’s a mission impossible.

    And thanks Kate, I like the pictures too, it was marvelous weather today. It was the first time I tried my tele lens today, which made it easy to more or less hide when taking them, because you sit far away. I felt like a paparazzi though taking them, but manipulated the pictures in such a way that the people on them aren’t really recognizable anymore, before publishing them here.

  4. Because of need. Like the need to find peace and the need to find something more in life.

    Opposing extremes of personality often make good reason for people to fall in love, especially when they fill in parts in each other that they never realized or have sealed up.

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