We never did too much talking anyway

Don't think twice it's allright

A bit about Bob, a bit about film, a bit about Steffen, a bit about Tina and a bit about postcards.

A few words about Bob Dylan yesterday. This 65 year old rock legend was worth watching and listening to. He is still cool, his voice stays the most peculiar voice in Rock ‘n Roll I have ever heard, and he didn’t say a single word throughout the whole concert. He didn’t play Simple Twist of Fate, but after some persuasion (I send Davy) he played Don’t think twice it’s all right which he didn’t play on Sunday, and which is one of my favourites as well! So it was all cool. Wembley arena is a rather large place for a concert, and I was really wondering why tickets for the Police have to cost about 3 times as much as tickets for Bob. I mean he is legend, Sting not quite yet.

A small catch up on 2 films you might want to see:

The lives of others
Stasi agent spying on an a playwright with too Western ideas realizes that he is on the wrong side himself.

Called the best film of the year by several newspapers here in the UK and won an Oscar for best foreign (it’s German) film. It didn’t disappoint me, it’s certainly one of the best films I have seen the last few months. An interesting story about humanity, love and doing the right thing. Excellent acting as well.
Absolutely recommended. Go see it.

Spaceship with astronauts is on a long space travel to reboot the sun, which is slowly dying and therefor slowly turning Earth into a deep freezer.

If not for the rather impressive special effects, then at least for Cillian Murphy (the other member of the insanely-blue-eyes-club, together with Daniel Craig). Knowing that this is not a multi million American block buster production, but in fact a film shot entirely in the UK makes it even more impressive. The space effects are stunning and you can nearly feel the heat of the sun in the cinema.
I admit that I didn’t quite understand where the Viktor look-a-like character came from either, and I am not entirely sure about the whole story line, but having a spaceship rebooting the sun, and seeing the light coming back on earth – that was impressive.

Don’t think twice it’s alright has nothing to do with The Vertical Hour and Bill (apart from the fact that Bill is quite alright himself as well) but everything with Steffen Brandt and Tina Dickow. So here you go. Indulge it. Because honestly I like this version better than Bob’s. Because Steffen Brandt is such a world class harmonica player (…) and because this version is sung from the girl’s point of view and Tina Dickow does that very well. Just hear it. (You have to listen through a minute of Steffen entertainment, which is unfortunately in Danish – he is explaining why the harmonica is the last instrument in the world to gather complete nations when it is played – add lots of irony here)


Talking about Tina Dico, I am going to see her in Ronnie Scotts on Sunday. Looking forward to that immensely, she is great live and one of the few musicians who can make me cry at a concert. She just has to play A Room With A View and all my defences are gone.

Both songs have been an inspiration for a Love+Rock cards, both made quite a while ago, but things seem to come together in funny ways now and then. You can find the Room with a View card here.

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  1. Tina Dico at Ronnie Scott’s – that’s bound to be a memorable evening [yes, you can read that as “bugger, why am I not in London too??” ;) ]

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