Davy’s, London

“I have been thinking and I know what I want now” he said.
“Excellent” I said “what is it?”
“I want to open my own restaurant”
“What an absolute brilliant idea that is” I said.
“You think so?”
“Yes. You’re not moving out are you?”
“No. So you’re fine with it then?”
“Yes. Absolutely. One thing thing though …”
“Be sure to put “Chocolate Mousse” on the menu. I love that”.

Two more things:
I think Bill said no
And this is one of the most beautiful love poems I have seen in a while. Because I say “No” too. All the time.

5 thoughts to “Davy’s”

  1. Yes I could not not take this picture. And I could not not write something silly about it. I first saw the Serious Chocolate Mousse thing when I came home checking my pictures :-) If I had seen it before I would probably have gone in right away to taste it!

  2. Oh, you should have tasted it indeed!! :)

    (I had missed the love poem bit the first time I read this post – must have been the thought of chocolate mousse! – yes, lovely)

  3. Good poem and I,m glad that Bill said no. Serious choco mousse sounds perfectly wonderful this sunny late aft… perfect for tea. Might I be on my 62,267 cup considering that I’m nearly 50?

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