Tea for, ehrm, 75.000?

A Cup Of Tea In The Cafe
A Cup Of Tea In The Cafe

Picture of the teacups here.

In the category “Why don’t I think before I do”: I have signed up to be a volunteer for a documentary.

Throughout our lives, we will meet hundreds of people, eat tonnes of food, spend money on a vast array of material goods, and create mountains of waste. But have you ever thought about what this all amounts to for one individual and what their human footprint is on the planet? This unique film reveals all in a series of remarkable stunts.

When I read that they were going to fill Trafalgar Square with 75.000 cups of tea, impulsively, you know, without thinking about how many cups of tea that actually is, I signed up to be a volunteer.

Practically this means that on Tuesday the 24th of April, from 10pm until 6am I will help them to put all those cups of tea on Trafalgar Square, together with about (hopefully) 100 volunteers.

Now why did I do this?
Because I first do and then start thinking about it.
Because I like tea.
Because I appreciate silly ideas like this.

Read more about this project here, and come and join if you like.
If you aren’t as insane as I am you can watch the result on: Genius: Human Footprint, 9.00pm on Thursday 26 April, Channel 4.

Yes I’ll bring my camera.
Yes I will be so knackered on Wednesday without a night sleep.
Yes I am crazy.

Did you know that on average we will drink 75,000 cups of tea over our lifetime?

8 thoughts to “Tea for, ehrm, 75.000?”

  1. So I’ll see you there then Jay? :-) They still need more volunteers so go for it I’d say, I think it is going to be fun. At least that’s what I am telling myself :-)

  2. You will have fun – signing up for tea for 75,000 seems like an excellent idea to me! It’s hard to imagine that we drink that much tea in our lifetime … I hate to think of how many cups of cafĂ© I have consumed! Oh my.

    I’m glad you are taking your camera – then we can at least see what it was like … on this side of the Atlantic.

  3. Yes i helped wot an amazing adventure yes im knackered, maybe put of tea for life it felt good at the end totally cool cant wait to see program!!!!!!

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