No way jose

3 easy steps to have me leave a concert (Tina Dickow) before it even started.

1. Give the concert in a night club like jazz club, don’t mention a dress code so you are sure that ignorant people wearing sneakers and jeans (me) feel very “underdressed” among people in night club outfits. What was wrong with Dingwalls in Camden in the first place?

2. Be sure to make the concert one with designated seating. Don’t mention this when selling tickets, tell this when people arrive. And then – place me on a seat miles away from the stage, and at such an angle that it would be impossible to enjoy the concert in any way.

3. Hand me a drinking bill. A what? And a booklet with possible drinks to order of which the cheapest one is £9,=. I don’t think so.

I might sound crazy to you, but that was it, I was out of there. I was here for a pop concert, if I wanted to go to a night club I would have gone to a night club. So I walked into the cinema in stead and saw Alpha Dog.

Which has, indeed, Justin Timberlake in it. And which was far from bad. Actually it is one of the better movies I have seen recently. There is a lot of swearing but it is an incredibly disturbing story that stays in your head for quite a while after you have left the cinema.

Talking about dogs, isn’t he cute?

This evening it’s coconuts. Which is very close to what’s going on in my head feels at the moment.

4 thoughts to “No way jose”

  1. That’s a real shame. I loive her music and Warm Sand is one of my fav summer songs. £9 for a drink is amazing even for London !

  2. Oh I love her music very much as well. So just let her play in Dingwalls again next time and I’ll be there. I was just pretty pissed off about the way things were in this venue, it was total crap.

  3. Hah! I too saw a JT movie this week but such is my knowledge of boybands that it was only in the closing credits that I even realised he was in Black Snake Moan (a fabulous movie, by the way).

  4. Thanks Barry, then I will see Black Snake Moan as well! I am not that big a JT fan, but he was actually doing very well in Alpha Dog, which I can recommend too.

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