Tea on Trafalgar Square

Tea on Trafalgar Square
Tea on Trafalgar Square
I feel like someone pressed the ImprobaBILLity drive. Three times in a row or something. Which of course hasn’t been the case. S(larti) is first coming over tomorrow, but that’s a complete different story.

“Button your shirt” Davy says, being remarkably fresh after the night sitting with Nelson, watching it all from above.
Lucky devil.
“What shirt, buttons where?” I stumble.
“The shirt you’ve got on”
“I don’t know how to, I am too tired”
“Yes you do, come on”
I managed. Lacing my shoes took another 20 minutes.
And when I stepped out of the door the world looked a bit, ehrm blurry.
“Sure you haven’t forgotten something?” I hear Davy shout from inside.
“No. But it surely looks blurry outside. Weird!”
“Maybe putting your glasses on might do the trick”
“Oh. Yeah”

I am so tired – hence a chaotic post.

We started at 10pm. First we covered the stairs of Nelsons column. Placing the cups here went fairly fast, pouring in the tea was the thing that took time. It was real (cold) tea that got served in large tanks on wheels, and there was real milk in it! This is tea the English way for sure.

After Nelson it got harder because we needed to work on ground level which was torture for backs and knees. The later it got the slower it went and the more people disappeared. We probably started out with about 70, at 1am I think we were at half of that.

Apart from putting down the cups we had to explain what on earth was going on to tourists and people walking around on the square as well. Most of them thought we were bonkers. 2 Englishmen in suits tried to steal a couple of cups, but I saw them and took the cups back. I told them nicely how pathetic they were, stealing cups only worth a few pennies.

At 2.15am I was so knackered and had a major headache (Red Bull doesn’t give you wings, it gives you migraine) so I decided to go home. I felt a bit bad about leaving early too but I wasn’t really that much use anymore at that time anyway, and I have some very important things coming up which need my mind in a fairly fresh state.

I have tried to calculate how many cups I have put down, but I can’t really get around it. Hundreds for sure. And I broke 4 of them. Accidentally of course.

But as they say in Holland, fragments bring you luck. Which is exactly what I need a lot of tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

11 thoughts to “Tea on Trafalgar Square”

  1. how wicked wot an amazing night got back to stoke 2.15 and im retiring to bed now after this but hey wot a great tea making event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Jason : I’m nearly sure you were in my group :-) I think we had a guy from Stoke! I passed Trafalgar Square at 8pm this evening, and Nelsons stairs were still covered with cups!

  3. What is the use in visualizing what a lifetime of tea looks like ?
    Dit you get some cheese and crackers with it?

  4. I like tea very much!!! I don’t drink alcohol and I’ve never did!!!

    One tea with sugar but no milk please!!!

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