Bored is boring

The red door, Notting Hill
The red door, Notting Hill

You are seriously bored when:

  • None of the 421 songs on your iPod seems worth listening to.
  • You start reading the mails in your spam filter.
  • You check your watch too often. And because you can’t believe that only this few minutes have passed since you last checked it, you check the clock on your mobile phone as well. Only few minutes had passed indeed.
  • You keep making cups of tea, even though you are not really thirsty.
  • You keep eating sweets, even though they are nearly coming out of your nose.
  • You make lists of things you do when you are seriously bored.

Things that at those moments save the day:

  • Eatable Bill “Davy Jones” Nighy’s in the Marks & Spencer. They are back!
  • A ticket to the day before the official premiere of Pirates in the Odeon, 24 days from now.

The truth is, I want to tell you something, but I can’t just yet.

12 thoughts to “Bored is boring”

  1. I have 1063 items on my iPod and I still can’t find anything either!
    NEVER read the mails in your spam filter!!!
    You know you can tell us, we won’t breathe a word!!

  2. “You start reading the mails in your spam filter” – Hahahhhahh!! Yup, that must surely be a tell-tale sign.

  3. What’s all this about an iPod and Spam filter. There is far more interesting stuff to be read: “The truth is, I want to tell you something, but I can’t just yet.”

    Earlier on you wrote something about boys and girls: you’re either pregnant, going to work in a kindergarten or going to Africa to work in a refuge camp.

    Close? :-)

  4. @barT : Ha ha – what can I say! Well not that much really, but hopefully soon. And it is not that huge a thing (ok it is for me – but lower those expectations), I won’t leave the country and I don’t think I am pregnant either. :)

  5. I don’t think you want us to start guessing what you cannot say (at this moment, that is), but since I am bored aswell: I have this feeling it’s got something to do with your girl-cards…

  6. You have many unseen friends on your side wishing you cheer.

    And you have your upcoming trip to be excited about!

  7. And remember Lawrence’s advice, just above in the tiny gravatar: “Never higher than 4, even on the worst of days”

  8. @Michele : thank you! I am very happy with those unseen friends I can tell you.

    Maybe the title of this post gives a bit of a wrong impression. Yes I am bored, but that is caused by the fact that I am waiting for “the thing” to get in order.
    Trust me I have to bite my tongue hard not to just shout it out! But that just wouldn’t be a smart thing to do, so bear with me for a little while longer.

    Being this exited about something (that’s what I am) results in me not being able to concentrate on anything at all, I have an attention span of 0.0042 seconds and I am very restless. That makes days at work very long, hence the bored post.

    I think I’ll go to Marks & Spencers for lunch, it might help.

    I’m told it’s the place for dating.
    I’m told people go there to shop…
    and they get casually talking about,
    you know, spaghetti alla carbonara…
    and suddenly love flowers by the counter
    for people with under five items.


  9. Ah Ingrid … I know that restless feeling well. Thought of you while I was in San Diego since I watched ‘Notes from a Scandal’ and screamed ‘there’s Bill’ which nearly caused my friend, Simon, to fall off the couch. Not enough Bill in that movie.

  10. See Kate you got it. Definitely not enough Bill in that movie, and the scene where he finds out about his wife’s affair breaks my heart every time I see it. That’s a masterclass in acting.

    You got loads of bonuspoints for pointing him out to your friend by the way :)

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