And for a minute there, I lost myself

Surreal but nice

New York, 12 March 2007

She had a couple of hours left before heading to boring JFK airport. She walked around with her soul under her arms as they say. She had a few dollars left as well and when she walked passed it, accidentally, unplanned, she thought that she might as well end this holiday with something slightly awkward. Because she had questions she so desperately wanted answers to. She opened the door and stepped inside.

When he welcomed her she was suspicious. What if he was just the guy opening the door while his girl friend was in fact the one having the answers. Or maybe he was just the room mate of the person having the answers. Or what if he had the wrong answers or no answers at all!

He asked for her left hand. Asked her for her two biggest wishes in life. She had to keep the one she wanted most to herself and tell him the other one. The stupid thing was that she was completely unprepared for this question.
Her biggest wish in life? She knew what her biggest wish in life was. And she had no second wish, not really. One thing at the time, that’s her motto. And this wasn’t really getting her anywhere she could see.

So he started rambling in stead. He told her she was going to be fine and that she had good karma. She wasn’t sure what that meant. He told her that her dream would come true, not right away, but in a couple of years. Which is fine, she has time.

He could see she was single. Probably easy to guess, she thought – as she was there on her own.
He could see she wasn’t that lucky on the love side.
She didn’t tell him he was wrong and that there were definitely special people in her life who made life worth living and who inspired her, she told him it wasn’t an issue really.
He told her there would be some “good news” when she got home.

He told her to pursue what she was dreaming about. That she shouldn’t worry too much about how her life would go.
He could see a lot of papers and lights.
Yeah that’s because I told you I like writing, you dork – she thought, and decided that it was definitely a waste of time to come here.

He could see she would meet someone at some point in the future.
Wait a minute – wait a minute – rewind – what?
“Does he sound British” she nearly asked him “is he voicilicious?”. But she didn’t.

After a bit more free talk about life, The Actor, New York and what she had been doing there, she walked down the stairs, closed the door and decided that she didn’t know what to think about all this, but that it probably was a bit silly to want to know what the future was going to be like.

Good news travels slow she thought when she came home and didn’t find any “good news” on her doormat. At that moment she didn’t know that about 7 weeks later her life was about to take an unexpected turn. (don’t you just hate it when they do that in stories, and you have to wait a week to hear what that bloody turn is?)

She wonders – have you ever been to a palm reader or the like?
And if so – did they make any sense and did what they said came true?

5 thoughts to “And for a minute there, I lost myself”

  1. I found it a bit scary as well. Especially when he asked “Do you want to know everything, also when it’s bad?”

  2. Hopefully, there was no charge. All he pulled out of his hat were generalizations, suitable for 90% of his customers. No guarantee. He’ll never see you again. Not likely you’ll sue if none of it comes to pass.

    On the OTHER hand (or ‘palm’), you, being a writer extraordinaire, could have concocted a fortune-telling right back at him and really spooked him. You could have described the setting, the characters, the mood, and enough hints at the plot to keep him in suspense for weeks!

  3. A gipsy in the street and Tarot cards. She told me that I was mistrusting someone I could believe in after all. It turned out she was right. Coincidence?

  4. “(don’t you just hate it when they do that in stories, and you have to wait a week to hear what that bloody turn is?)”


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