I seduce you with my eyebrow

I seduce you with my eyebrowOh God not him again, I hear you think. Well as I recently have been hanging out on websites realizing that I am not the only one having issues I might as well just openly come out with it. As I felt the need to throw some Bill in between all those Alan’s I hacked together this funky avatar. The picture makes me laugh. A lot. And I like to be pathetically not-grown-up sometimes. It keeps you young.

Apart from that, this post is supposed to be about The Girl on tour too, so he is not completely out of context here. And it’s also about joining a writers group. And about how M&S toffee mousse tastes.

The Girl has been in Denmark recently where she has visited Mabel. Mabel has written a very nice review which you can read here. And if someone was in doubt about the internationality of this project, Mabel has written her review in 3 languages : English, Norwegian and Tagalog! Tagalog is the language they speak on the Philippines. How cool it that !

The Girl has also visited the UK, and stayed with Looby for a while. I really had to laugh when Looby send me an e-mail telling me “Oh dear, I am afraid I didn’t like the film, at all!”. As it is OK not to like the film, at all! Film taste is a personal thing, and I know that this film is not everyone’s taste. So don’t feel bad if you don’t like the film, I can handle it.
Read Looby’s fair and square review here.

A big thank you to both Mabel and Looby for participating!

Yesterday I attended a first meeting of a writers group I recently joined. I have problems calling myself a writer, I don’t really feel worthy of the word, and I was quite nervous for this first meeting. The group consists of people who have been writing for way longer than me so I was quite intimidated. We are about 7-8 people, and it ranges from people who have written and published books, poetry writers, people who write plays (for theatre) and people who write screen plays (for film). It’s a 2 weekly meeting where we submit some of our work up front to be read and then discussed by the group when we meet. I send in my short film script and was prepared to be laughed at. A part of my script got read (performed) by some group members, and afterwards I got (structural) comments and tips on improvement and it was great. Even better was that everybody (both men and women) really liked the story, they thought it was sweet, funny and romantic. It couldn’t get any better really, and I will do my very very best to make it into a film.

The group is a great learning experience, and I think it is going to help me improve my writing a lot. I am currently writing the story outline of my next script and I think the group can be very helpful with input to the problems in the story I am struggling with. And another thing that struck me when people were reading my script was the urge I felt to direct them and to tell them how I would like them to say the lines the characters are supposed to say in the story . That is a good thing. I am slowly getting used to the idea that at some point in the future I need to move forward to that next step. I want to do some courses in directing not too long from now.

Right. Last but not least, and as promised: M&S toffee mousse tastes really good!

PS I hereby promise that I will reveal “the Thing” on Tuesday. I apologize for the long wait.

PS2 He seduces me with his eyebrow.

5 thoughts to “I seduce you with my eyebrow”

  1. @Grigorisgirl – what’s that from? (if it is from something at all, but it does ring some bell) And I didn’t mean to offend you :)

    Thank you very much Michele! :-)

  2. It’s an ancient nursery rhyme “Ring a ring a roses, Atishoo ,atishoo we all fall down!”
    To do with the plague or Black Death or something apparently!
    No offence at all, you only have to scroll back through my old graphics LJ to see real obsession!;)

  3. A lot of people think Ring a Roses relates to the plague – in fact it’s more likely to refer to the religious ban on dancing among many Protestants in the nineteenth century…..

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