Short holiday notice

The pirate and me are off to the Netherlands for a couple of days, for family visits and some relaxing days. Believe it or not we desperately need it after a crazy couple of weeks.
We will be back in London on Monday, back here on Tuesday, the 8th of May.
Which is the day where we will reveal “the Thing”.

Here is what Bill has to say about “The Thing” in New York:

“I like the fact that that you’re allowed to say “Can I have the thing without the thing but with more thing and with extra thing on the side.” If you said that in England, they’d have you removed from the premises. In England, the thing is the thing and if you want the thing, you get the thing. And if you want the other thing, you have to pay for that too. You can’t have the thing re-arranged.”

He is coconuts as well.

Have a nice (long – if you live in the UK) weekend.

And – wouldn’t it be cool if the streets would be as coloured as this in real life? Not every day, but let’s say every Friday?

9 thoughts to “Short holiday notice”

  1. Are we nearer hearing about the thing you can’t tell us about yet, or in my usual purblind state, have I missed it?

  2. @grigorisgirl : this is actually from another interview, but I think he meant the matzo ball here too. The matzo ball remark is one of his best ones, and I don’t even think he meant to be that funny when he said it.

    @Anne – I did!

    @Looby : no you didn’t miss anything, The Thing has been told about today :)

  3. I’m glad I figured out the thing … and I hoped you had good weather in Holland. Now it can rain for Yolanda!

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