Spiderman iii and Le Tour de France in London

Spider man 3

Spiderman 3

The first in a long row of blockbusters hitting a cinema near you this year is Spiderman 3. I loved Spiderman 1, was less enthusiastic about 2, and number 3, well …

(there might be some spoilers ahead)

What did I like about Spiderman 3:

The black suit, it looks slick and beautiful, and it’s a nice way to show that Spidey is slowly bending over to “the dark side”.

J.K. Simmons, he has some great comic moments.
Topher Grace has so much more on screen charisma than Tobey (Spidey) Maquire.

Some of the special effects were great as well, but …

What did I not like about Spiderman 3:

It’s not a nice thing to say, but there were too many actors in it that I couldn’t care less about. Unfortunately those actors where in key roles: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Thomas Haden Church – they all bored me.

3 villains in the story tried to hide the fact that the story was kind of weak, not to mention unbelievable.

Don’t let Spiderman wear makeup. And the scene where he walks the streets feeling and playing cool (which he certainly wasn’t) really felt like a copy of Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. The big difference being that Jim Carrey was actually funny.

So – I was disappointed.

Summerblock busters I look forward to:

Pirates of the Carribean III – At World’s End (guess why, and it’s nearly unbearable that this is the last Nighy film for this year!)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (because they have such a beautiful long list of brilliant British actors lined up, and because David (The Girl In The Cafe) Yates is directing it!)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (because the trailer has some awesome special effects – i don’t expect the story to be groundbreaking though)

Other news:

I signed up as a volunteer for the Tour de France. Le Grande Tour visits London this year. The prologue is in London, close to my back yard passing places like St. James Park and the houses of Parliament. And the day after the first stage starts in London as well. I thought it could be fun to see it all from close by. I have no idea what volunteers are supposed to do, but watching loads of well trained men in shorts on bikes can’t be a bad thing.

There is a volunteer instruction day next Sunday which I have to attend. I need to show up with photo ID, because events like this have of course high security. I’ll write more about it when I know more. The prologue is on Saturday the 7th of July, the 1st stage the day after, and it is free to come and watch it.

Don’t ask me why a part of Le Tour de France is staged in London, I don’t get it either.

9 thoughts to “Spiderman iii and Le Tour de France in London”

  1. Maybe you hand out water like in the Marathon? Or pass them their puncture repair kits? Or…..ummmmmm
    Oh well, men in Lycra can’t be bad;)

  2. They do. But while they probably look gorgeous in those racer shorts, no vampire bites in my neck. Not from them anyway.

  3. About Spider Man 3 (the movie): It’s a common fact that most sequals get worse every time there is a new addition. So I’m curious what POTC III will be like. There is only one exeption to the rule (so far) : Harry Potter.
    About Spidere Man (Tobey M.) : I saw him and Kirsten Dunst on the Jonathan Ross-show a few weeks ago and I think he still looks like a ‘melkmuiltje’ as we call it in Holland.
    Wow, Ingrid is going to be ‘Bycycle-Repair-Woman’ !!
    The ‘Tour de France’ has also started in Maastricht en Scheveningen. If they continue like this it will be called ‘Tour d”Europe’ in a few years.
    (Sorry for the long comment)

  4. When I volunteered at the Tour de France in Germany 2005 (7th and 8th stage), we had to scavenge the race course only seconds before the first racing bikes flew past, and to hand wash and iron the “Maillot vert” (green jersey) before it was handed over to the next stage winner in the morning… I’m just kidding. ;-) And, again, I am fascinated by your creativity. You’re dancing in subway stations, you’re clapping coconuts with the throng, you’re filling myriads of tea cups until the crack of dawn, let alone the “big” adventures. Chapeau! I wonder what is coming next.

  5. Now that is exciting – I used to follow the Tour when I was still married. My former spouse was a cyclist … I remember that the Tour usually starts, or makes a stop, in a neighbouring country. I’ve always wanted to watch – you will have to give a full – yes, very full – report.

    Boy, you do interesting things in your life!

  6. @Pedro – long comments are cool!

    @Zazz – washing and ironing the maillot vert, I can do that. I even have vanish oxy action :) But then I want to hand it over to the winner as well! I don’t know what is coming next, it has been an interesting time.

    @Kate – I promise a very full report if I somehow get involved in it!

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