Let’s do a Dislocation Dance

Staring at the blank screen before me, there are a couple of cheap tricks to get around that and post something anyway:

1. post a postcard – yeah but there have been quite a few of them here lately
2. post a pathethic poem – let’s not shall we
3. post a funky song – well …

This one is from 1982, I was 16.

I don’t know why this song popped up in my mind yesterday but it did. I dived into the internet ocean et voila there it was. I have been writing about this song before and also about the cover, this is a picture of my single. It is currently living in a cardboard box in a storage place in Denmark wondering if it will every be reunited with me. That is, now that I think about it, quite a sad story. Not that I have a record player or anything, so I don’t quite remember why I kept it but I think it happened in a wave of nostalgic day dreamy-ness while packing my stuff down in Denmark for the move to London.

It is surely my single because the left down corner of it has been eaten by my killer rabbit at that time who really didn’t like Dislocation Dance at all. Luckily he hadn’t been nibbling on the actual single yet, but it was close.

So today I serve you Dislocation Dance which is a rather funky British band with a minimalistic sound. They don’t exist anymore and this is the only piece of music I know of them. This song has the classic line:

Hey Pete – cup of tea – Rosemary won’t talk to me

Put a cup of tea in a song and it is guaranteed to make me do a Dislocation Dance. More than once actually.

So – was it good for you too?

3 thoughts to “Let’s do a Dislocation Dance”

  1. Did Joe Jackson make it to your list of preferred musicians?
    He started out in 1979 with an album called “Look sharp!”
    Saw the old man last Tuesday in Darmstadt (Gutcity?)
    Rather spectacular.
    Yep, Dislocation Dance was certainly my cup o’ tea

  2. Yes I was a big Joe Jackson fan as well, I have been to 2 concerts with him, both in Rotterdam Ahoy. Night & Day is one of my favourite albums of his.

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