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London life is – waiting extra long in the elevator to see if the man sharing the elevator with you is going to leave the elevator first. He won’t. He will wait until you step out, he is after all an English gentleman. And I apologize for testing him like this.

London life is being at a party and talk to people from France, Australia, Finland, England(they are often a minority!) and a guy from St. Petersburg. Talking to the guy from St. Petersburg made me realize how easy it is for us Europeans to move between countries. He even needs to apply for a visa if he wants to visit Paris from London, and getting that visa takes a couple of months!

London life is getting stuck while trying to get home after the party by the last tube (around 0.30am, yes in the middle of the night) and bus. Getting stuck around the corner of the Big Ben by thousands of women walking around in their bra’s! It’s for a good cause but all buses were stuck, and never before have I seen the people in the buses not being pissed off about that. Particularly the men, they couldn’t believe their luck.

London life is also the posh man in his suit and his beautiful dog waiting to cross the street. This obviously takes way too long for the dog so he decides to so his “thing” right there on the pavement. The look on the man’s face while fishing a plastic bag from his pocket to clean it up surely made me smile.

London life is also 2000 people signing up as a volunteer for the Tour de France, and as people having worked as a volunteer on the Tour of Britain are preferred, chances are rather big that I won’t get selected. That’s not a disaster though.

London life is interesting.

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  1. Definitely it is :) [And I couldn’t help but smile at that elevator thing – it is so true; and lovely – and at the thought of those guys on the bus too ;) ]

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