Not a bad way to start your day

Good morning from my morning train …

  • The Vanilla Bean Maple syrup & whole milk yogurt smoothie is my new addiction. And M&S wins a price for sexiest product names. Not for their counter for under 5 items.
  • there are only 12 working days left here at the office. Never knew days could be this long.
  • I have a week of holiday between the old and the new job. I have decided to do something more dangerous than jumping on the Trans Mongolian train: I want to rent a car and discover the south coast of England. It is supposed to be beautiful, there is sea, there is beach, there is blue sky, there are seagulls and there is fresh air. My goal would be to drive all the way to Land’s End, but let’s see how it goes. Me in a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side, driving on the wrong side of the road, well … I think I take the pirate with me
  • I now know why my 2 characters fall in love. That is the good thing. I also know how the story is going to end. And I know what the final scene is going to look like, after which the credits will begin to roll, and you, the viewers will tuck away your Kleenex, find your jackets and bags and leave the cinema.
    Most of all I know I am a dreamer. But boy does it take time and energy and brainpower to put it all in a story that is original and not boring. I think working on this story is the biggest brain power absorber at the moment.
  • I look very much forward to Pirates on Thursday, for one reason only. And no I won’t mention his name until then. It’s hard.
  • In order to get me through those 12 days, as an exception and for a limited period only, feel free to tag me with silly memes, ask me questions and I will answer them, disturb me on messenger, and – tell me (or better show me or post it on your blog!) what your breakfast looks like.

13 thoughts to “Not a bad way to start your day”

  1. I’m a porridge gal (with a swap to Crunchy Nut Cornflakes at the weekend)
    If I eat a croissant then it has to have marmalade on it.

    You should easily be able to get to Lands End and back in a week even with lots of stops!LOL Don’t forget to take in Dorset and Sout Devon.

    I haven’t done anything about seeing Pirates yet. I have the most disorganised buch of friends who want to see it but we all wait for someone else to make the decision.

  2. In the weekend I eat cornflakes as well, it’s very seldom I eat a croissant. I best like them with real butter and sugar :)

    Land’s End – well how busy are the coastal roads? I think I will be able to make it too, but it still scares me a bit, as I wonder how much my head it programmed to drive on the right side.

    Pirates – the film will probably be around for a while so no rush to see it I think. I just want to see it before I am off to Edinburgh, so I can learn some new Scottish pickup lines from Davy Jones.

  3. Normally one or more bananas (got to get my fruits), but if I have the chance much, much nicer: fresh croissants, fresh buns, many cheeses, jam, honey, good butter, pâté, fresh coffee, good music and lots of time.

    The South coast is wonderful, but Land’s End could be a bit of a disappointment, it’s predominantly car parks. And don’t skip Avebury, even though it’s a bit inland.

  4. Oh yes Avebury is beter than Stonehenge in my opinion.

    It shouldn’t be too busy as long as you miss half-term which is next week.
    I agree Lands End isn’t marvellous unless you can turn your back on all behind you and jsut look at the rocks.
    There are lots of other lovely little Cornish villages with stunning scenery

  5. Thanks for the tips both of you, very helpful!

    I have one more question: will I find empty beaches somewhere in the South, or will it look like an ant farm? I don’t want to swim, I want to walk and take pictures.

    Is the East coast better suited for desolated beaches?

  6. I don’t think there will be that many people on the beaches mid-week at this time of the year unless there is a positive heat wave.
    Places like Chesil Beach in Dorset are usually pretty empty. A favourite of mine in Devon is Blackpool Sands (No, nothing like the famous Blackpool in the North)
    Also in Dorset are the wonderful cliff walks at Durdle Door
    and Lulworth Cove

  7. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! They will all be plotted on my map.

    Durdle Door – you understand exactly what I am looking for. I will go there for sure! I might stay there the rest of my life actually.

    The name of the last one sounds very very funny if you are Dutch, and if you have a dirty mind. Which of course I have. :-)

  8. Cornwall AND Scotland! My two most favorite spots on the planet. And you begin your dream job soon. You seem to live a charmed life.
    Noticed just today – because I live in Florida and we are very aware of hurricane season – that the ninth hurricane of 2007 will be named “Hurricane Ingrid”.
    Please use your new powers for GOOD and not evil!

  9. Scotland and Cornwall are also two of my all time favourite spots on the planet so absolutely envy you. I agree that Land´s End can be a bit of a disappointment, but although very touristy I like St. Michael´s Mount which is on the way to Land´s End. If you are into gardens I can strongly recommend Trebah garden not far from Falmouth. A green haven with a quiet beach…
    I used to be a travel guide on bus trips to the south of England, Cornwall and Bath:-). Bath is also impressive by the way. And yes Avebury over Stonehenge anytime.
    You´ll soon get used to driving on the left. It´s far harder when driving a continental car with the steering wheel on the “wrong” side. If you need a guide I can be there in a flash…

  10. Vanilla Bean Maple syrup & whole milk yogurt smoothie? That sounds like mucho calories!
    12 Days left in your old job? You must be bored te hell by looking out of the window all day!
    Rent a car to get to World’s End, ehhh…Land’s End? I hope you still know how to drive a car!
    The work on the story progresses? That’s good.
    POTC III: I’m looking forward seeing Jack Davenport again. He was great in Coupling.
    My breakfast? 2 slices of the darkest bread I could find with ‘De Ruyter chocoladevlokken’, 1 glass of water and a vitamin pill.

  11. @Grigorisgirl – I can’t, my mother is reading this blog, and it is simply to cringing.
    The London Underground has me chuckling all the time as well, for the same reason, I might get back to that at some point.

    @Jane : thanks for even more tips, added to my list! Bath is on another of my lists by the way, the one for planned future visits (it’s long). :)

    yes mucho calories – but who cares
    yes bored, i even joined Facebook, I guess the writing is on the wall
    World’s End – London has a World’s End, it”s near Chelsea, and I will definitely visit it. And Land’s End of course. it’s funny that World’s End is closer than Land’s End, from where I live …

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