Love actually in a cake

Love Actually - in a cake

I could also have called it:

Not a bad way to start your day II.

Or – I missed my breakfast this morning, but someone brought this cake in!

Or – would you like tea with that?

  • I only seem to be able to create posts with lists lately, I know why, it’s because my mind is a bit busy with other things at the moment.
  • I saw Conversations with other Women recently and I loved it. It’s a very dialogue driven film, which often tend to be very boring, unless Bill Nighy is in it sorry, but this one wasn’t. It’s about a woman and a man who used to be married once, and now, years later, meet again at a party. They both get drunk, they both end up in bed together, and they both wonder why they had split up in the first place. Interesting, and very catching. And well acted too. Other stuff I have seen on the movie list here.
  • Someone asked me if I was bored at work. Well bored is maybe not the right word. It’s more like a distracted, not being able to concentrate, staring out of the window, daydreaming kind of thing. I even joined facebook, and am waiting impatiently until someone adds me as a friend. Yes, I am that pathetic. Are you on there too? Maybe we two could be friends then.
  • And I am experimenting a bit with Jaiku as well, talking about the writing being on the wall and about wasting your time.
  • I also threw out Trillian, and replaced it with Pidgin, which is open source, and this funky little program replaces AIM messenger, yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, Google talk, ICQ and more. No adverts, very handy.
  • Tomorrow is Pirate day. Which is a big thing if you are me.
  • I am going to make myself a cup of tea. The Milky Way. Which isn’t bad with Love Actually in a cake.

8 thoughts to “Love actually in a cake”

  1. It was interesting reading your comments on Conversations with Other Women, as it reminded me of another dialogue driven film “Before Sunset” with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke. The film is a developing conversation between Jesse and Celine who meet again many years after a fleeting but intense encounter, and unfolds in real time. As they talk their individual stories of the intervening years emerge, with humour, sadness, and a longing for opportunities lost.

    It is totally involving, not just for what Jesse and Celine say, but how they listen to each other,with great empathy often just signalled by a look or a movement. There is no real plotline, action or drama, but it isn’t needed. I haven’t seen the film that preceded it “Before Sunrise”, but hopefully when I do it won’t be disappointing.

  2. I have seen both Before Sunset (I am after all a movie maniac) and After Sunset. I loved the first one best, but the second one was great because you really wanted to know how things were going to be between those 2.

    “Conversations with Other Women” did remind me of both films. If you liked Before Sunset, I think you will like Conversations as well, Helena Bonham Carter is absolutely fantastic in it.

  3. It sounds like a nice movie, there is only one small problem: when I hear or see Helena Bonham Carter I see Lady Tottington before me.
    I can’t imagine you need more friends. You have got us (your logfriends).
    Hmmm, you’re experimenting with blogs and other software to hide that you’re bored, aren’t you?
    Avast ye, landlover, check these great wallpapers:
    Why do the Brits (and all who think they are) drink their tea with milk? It’s disgusting…and so is tea actually.

  4. @Pedro – Helena Bonham Carter is fantastic in this film, very natural, very naked (with her clothes on).

    Yes – bored, restless and so on.

    Not great wallpapers!!!! Where is Davy Jones? :)

    I don’t think I am a Brit, I wish I was. And tea with milk, I just like it, don’t ask me why. Why do you drink coffee – talking about stuff that tastes bad. :)

  5. Davy went to get some tea for the crew :-)

    I drink strong, black coffee to keep myself awake during work. I’ve tried it with tea but it doesn’t work for me. It takes all sorts…

  6. Your “Davy went to get some tea for the crew” remark nearly made me choke in the tea with milk I am currently indulging. Very funny.

    Well as you can see, the tea is made, and Davy is back.

  7. Do you have any idea how difficult it is (to me) to find ANYONE on Facebook??

    Please help me find your profile and I’ll be your friend.


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