Yo ho, yo ho

I have nothing much to say just yet. But the week has passed, and that means that he’s back.

I feel like a little girl around Christmas time, overly exited and not grown-up at all. I don’t care what the critics say, I know there will be scenes where I will be glued to the screen indulging every word he says in that voiciliciously Scottish accent.

The question is:

Arrrrrrrre you prepared for what’s next?

Master of the Sea

Now that’s a wallpaper we dig. And there are 9 hours and 25 minutes left before I am off for a wild sailing trip on oceans far beyond imagination.

8 thoughts to “Yo ho, yo ho”

  1. No – you can’t watch the trailer *too* many times.

    And let’s tentacle it – pretty handsome bloke this Davy Jones.

  2. Oi – don’t insult Davy Jones. Not on this weblog :-)

    And I like my man with moving tentacles growing out of his chin. Nothing wrong with that. And I don’t eat seafood – for obvious reasons.

  3. :D

    [I can’t comment, really – this post + comments just make me smile broadly]

  4. I don’t like the fact that his name isn’t even included with BIG letters on the poster with him on it! So rude.

  5. Thank you Anna P. for bringing it up, as I can’t agree with you more. I didn’t write about it because then people will think bla-bla-bla yeah yeah yeah etc, but it is as you say rude, and absolutely unbelievable. I hope the Kraken will put things like that right tonight.

    Who is Johnny Depp anyway. Or Orlando Bloom for that matter.

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