Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End – review (9/10)

Are you prepared for what's next ... Davy Jones

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Oh yeah.
Now we’re talking.

I thought the first one was all right, not great but all right, because of Johnny Depp’s performance. I thought the story line in the second one wasn’t great, the Davy Jones character saved it for me there, but overall I wasn’t woohoo’ing about it. The third one however – beats both the first and the second by a mile. No not a mile, to the end of the world and back.
There was applause when Captain Jack appeared for the first time, I shouted when Davy Jones appeared. I seemed to be the only one … People have no taste nowadays. There was applause afterwards from everybody, I love that in a cinema. It’s 168 minutes long but I haven’t looked at my watch once. You might think that that’s because I accidentally left it at home, but had I had it with me, I am sure I wouldn’t have checked it.

So what’s so great about it then?

First of all – there is a great script! This time we actually have a story that makes sense, and better – they have really cut down on the useless amounts of sword fighting scenes from the second one (necessary to hide the lack of story).

There is so much more humour in it this time, it is packed with hilarious moments and there is so much to laugh about. And hey – it has the monkey!

Bill Nighy. He is always great. Davy Jones remains the fantastic character from the second film. And this time Davy is sword fighting with Captain Jack, he gets romantic and scores the girl, he stopped smoking, he plays the organ, he cries, he is cruel and he is the true pirate. (No Kraken in this film by the way).

And – extra bonus Bill feature: we get a short scene with Bill stepping out of his Davy Jones figure and becoming a handsome human pirate! How cool can it get! He even has the same type of beard as Captain Jack, absolutely awesome!

The scenery of nearly all scenes is absolutely stunning. Icebergs, desolated snow white beaches, ships sailing on sand, there is no chance to get bored. Also beautiful: upside down ships, the Flying Dutchman rising above the water, and the dead floating by under water, really beautifully done.

And then there is Johnny Depp who, luckily, is less camp and more Johnny Depp, so Captain Jack is a much more interesting character. Fear not, he is still nuts. Even Keira Knightley (and I am really not a fan!) is cool in this one. Additional bonus features: Chow Yun Fat, Tom Hollander, Geoffrey Rush and the monkey!

And if you are patient enough to sit through the all credits, there is a surprise bonus scene at the very very end of those!

Should you see it? Yeah you should!
(Would be a good idea to have seen the second one though.)
This is an absolutely awesome Pirate film. I loved it.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me …


10 thoughts to “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End – review (9/10)”

  1. I’m definitely going to a cinema near my house to see it, unless I can find a HQ-version on the I-net.
    I’ve heard that JD is very keen on making another Pirates movie and also Jerry Bruckheimer seems to be interested in making it. So, maybe…

  2. What? No cinemas working at 9h30 am??? Arghhh… (Yeah, you do make anyone want to go watch it immediatly ;) )

  3. @Pedro – don’t say that, that hurts. And apart from that – you need to watch it in the cinema on the largest screen possible! And I am not sure that I want them to make another one.

    @Jill: What? What planet are you on? :)

  4. Don’t you worry. I’m going to Antwerp soon to see it. There was already a CAM-version with dutch subs available om the I-net though.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I went with my little Pirate to watch it and it was FABULOUS !!!! At one point he giggled really loud and the whole cinema started laughing because of that. Bill was great, I loved all the Johnnys ;o) and I still can’t get over the fact that Orlando Bloom can look that hot !
    The critics are azijnpissers if you ask me. Intellect IS requiered to keep track of all the storylines, but hey; if my nine year-old can….
    Everyone : GO SEE IT !!!!

  6. It was indeed fun to see all the Johnny’s, especially because people now might understand how it is to have a couple of Davy’s around you everywhere you go.

    Orlando Bloom hot – well we don’t have to agree on everything now do we :)

  7. Lol, No Orly for Ingrid then eh ;o) He’s like only a trazillion years younger opposed to all the Davies….
    I’m just 3 weeks older than OB and I would LOVE to be photoshopped that well.

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