Postcard from Edinburgh

Postcard from Edinburgh

Dear readers,

We know that this postcard will arrive when we are already back home in London, but it is the thought that counts isn’t it?

Edinburgh is a lovely lovely city, and there is so much to see! The castle is amazing, the large hill (which is an extinct volcano!) in Holyrood park is absolutely stunning, there were flowers and there are several places in the city where you can get high and nighy (yeah the cinema!) and have breath taking views over the city. And the sun was shining all the time, which got us some great pictures!

On this postcard you can see the architecturally interesting building from the Scottish parliament, climbing the volcano hill, houses near the royal palace, and some beautiful flowers.

As you can see Edinburgh is diverse, and we love it here.

Love from us, actually!

The Girl and The Pirate.

(The postcard in a slightly larger version)

(and yes we took those pictures ourselves :)

4 thoughts to “Postcard from Edinburgh”

  1. Yeah, Auld Reekie is great. The look on this city from Arthur’s Seat is fantastic.
    The Scottish parliament looks even better by night, or am I wrong?

  2. Somewhere I’ve never been (in fact I have only been to Scotland once in my life I am ashamed to admit!) but on my list of polaces to go one day.

  3. So nice of you to send us a postcard and all :) And so glad you enjoyed your Scottish travel!

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