Edinburgh III: Do you fear death?

Up the hill in Edinburgh

Sunday morning it was raining.

It didn’t stop them from going out exploring.
“Museum?” she asked Davy.
The National Museum of Scotland” he said rather convincingly.
Off they went.
They ended up not seeing an awful lot, but in stead they enjoyed a morning concert with a musical quartet who played songs from Disney films. What a splendid way to start your cloudy/rainy Sunday, she thought.
They also saw the Millennium clock.
“Do you fear death?” Davy said in his scary voice, pointing at Death himself.
“I somehow don’t think he does” she said.

The musicians magically managed to make the clouds disappear, the sun was shining when they stepped out of the museum. They walked around in the city, just enjoying not having to go anywhere in particular. They stepped into a Starbucks in a quiet side street for a cup of tea. Starbucks keeps reminding her of New York. When they stepped into this one they heard a song.
Was it a coincidence?
It was this song, and no she is not making it up.

// I know I’m gonna get there //
// But I am not sure when //

Down the Royal Mile they bumped into the building of the Scottish Parliament. It looks pretty amazing, and the best thing was – it was open and free to have a look on the inside. She liked the design a lot.

Opposite the parliament is the royal Holyrood Palace, and beside all that is Holyrood park and the hill. That was the hill with tiny people on it she spotted from the train, and the hill which she promised herself not to climb.
Why not?
Because it is very high, and it looks very impressive, and because you can look down in the deep from the path and because it is very rocky and steep.
“Is that all?” Davy said.
“Yes, you know I am afraid of heights”
“We could try just a few steps, just to see how it is”
When standing right in front of it, she thought that a few steps wouldn’t hurt, just walking a tiny piece of the path.
“Hang on tight then, we’ll try a few steps”. She felt him grabbing her hair a bit tighter, while standing on her shoulder to not miss anything.
It was rocky and scary, and the path was steep, but the view over Edinburgh improved with every step she took. She kept on the left side of the path in order not to be able to look down, and before she knew it they were standing on the top. They said hi to a bird, enjoyed the strokes of yellow, the green grass and white clouds in the blue sky, they were impressed by plants conquering rocks and enjoyed every step they took. The view was marvelous.

They walked around in Holyrood park for quite a while, before slowly descending to the city. When they did they were lucky to run into men with bagpipes, a groovy cow, a unicorn, they had a brief talk with Sir Walter Scott and a sheep, and wondered what The people’s story was about, until they at last were standing At World’s End.

It had been an extraordinary day.

6 thoughts to “Edinburgh III: Do you fear death?”

  1. It’s been a long day, and I honestly can say that reading your blog after getting home from work is the refreshing bit that I need. Thanks for relaying your adventures, Ingrid!

  2. I admire the way you coped with a fear of heights to see such a wonderful view. I had a similar experience in a different context. The Lighthouse (a centre for architecture and design in Glasgow) contains the Mackintosh Tower which has the most breathtaking views of the city over its rooftops. To get to the view you have to climb a spiral staircase that seems to reach up to the heavens. I am terrified of heights, but on this one occasion I managed it, focussing only on the view that awaited me.

  3. @Kate – I don’t know if my life is that exciting, but I try to get the most out of it. I think the thing is to keep your eyes open. And your mind :)

    @Jill: Thank you! I love the 2 people on the grass picture, 2 small people under a big blue sky.

    @Jaci: Glad to hear you enjoy reading it :)

    @Winter solstice: Towers are very difficult for me to overcome. Especially the one you describe with a spiral staircase. I have tried the Monument tower in London, without success, my legs turned into jelly. And I have several times tried to climb one of my favourite lighthouses in Denmark (on the island Bornholm) but simply had to turn back too. It is a weird fear to have, and very annoying sometimes.

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