Voicilicious: Bill Nighy and Silksoundbooks

So you feel absolutely knackered with a headache and a soar throat but you don’t want to call in sick in your last week at your current job. You drag yourself to work, and after an hour the fire alarm goes. While enjoying the view from the 18th is great, walking down the stairs from the 18th with jelly legs really is not.

So it’s good there is something to get me going. They could have called it voicilicious.com but they chose silksoundbooks.com in stead. If you like your British classics, and better, if you like British actors with voicilicious voices reading them to you then Silksoundbooks.com is for you.

Edgar Allan Poe – here we go. My iPod is trembling with pleasure.

(If you want to help decide what Bill Nighy is going to read next for Silksoundbooks, read on here)

14 thoughts to “Voicilicious: Bill Nighy and Silksoundbooks”

  1. Sorry you are unwell. I have a similar thing, a stinking cold and throat. Colds always feel worse in the summer, don’t they?
    I’ll check out that website and indeed that book, I love to have a good voice on my iPod;)

  2. @grigorisgirl: Get well soon too! And yes is feels worse in the summer, the air seems more unpleasant in the summer, I don’t know what it is.
    I think you’ll like silksoundbooks, there are loads of British actors on there.

    @Jill Thank you :)

  3. Good concept. I’ve been dying to find someone to read Through The Looking Glass for me! Thanks for sharing. Do you know if it only works on iPod? (which is what I don’t have.)

  4. Years ago I thought these audiobooks were for the visually challenged only, but since I’ve read the Da Vinci Code and the HP-series I’m hooked.
    There’s only one problem. ‘Reading’ in bed makes my eyelids go heavy and I miss half the story…

  5. @Anna : the files are normal MP3 files (without any DRM protection – DRM = Digital Rights Management). So you can play them on anything that plays MP3 files like your computer or any MP3 players, also non iPods. I bought the Poe book, 3 and a half hour of joy is fitted into about 100Mb of (3) files. Download goes pretty fast and the quality is suberb.

    @Pedro: I agree, I didn’t think it was for me either. But I love to hear radioplays and books on my iPod, it’s very relaxing. And you can just replay it if you missed half of the story :)

  6. Yes listening at bedtime is very relaxing but I find I have to always rewind the next night to find the bit I last remember.
    I have 15 hours of unabridged The Return fo the Native by Thomas Hardy on cassette read by Alan Rickman (surprise!). I wish it would come out on cd so I could get it onto the iPod as it’s like velevet for the ears!

  7. I think they should give you a share in the profits since yesterday! (yes, I’ve been shopping too!!)

  8. Which oneS, you mean…? :) I’m ashamed to say the total (one tends to be bit ashamed of one’s compulsions), I’ll just say that Bill was, naturally, included.

  9. Well if there is one place where you don’t have to be ashamed to come out with compulsions it must be here. Not that I have any (…) but I know people from here who do …

  10. Compulsions, you say? I know all about those! This is a real bonus – getting to listen to Bill Nighy read Poe.

    I hope you are feeling better …

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