Bill Nighy in Tanzania with Oxfam

bill-nighy-in-tanzania-with-oxfamThe BBC has a 3 minute film of Bill Nighy who travelled with Oxfam to Tanzania to see the difference that international aid can make. BBC news has also featured a short clip with Bill, as has the morning Breakfast show on BBC 1.

Heya kids, here’s a very important message from your uncle Bill:

Bill Nighy in Tanzania with Oxfam.

And here is more information, should you want to know more. And you really should.
The G8 wait

And – I love his hat.

The BBC Radio 4 has a very interesting interview with Bill Nighy about his trip to Tanzania with Oxfam where he tells about his experience and his thoughts about how aid really helps. At the other side of the table, so to speak, sits Paul Collier former Director of the World Bank.

Listen to the program here. (it’s the first 10 minutes in the beginning, and available for a week only)

13 thoughts to “Bill Nighy in Tanzania with Oxfam”

  1. Glad you found it but unfortunately I can only see it not hear it!!
    This always happens to me on the BBC site for some reason although it didn’t use to. For some reason I can listen to the BBC radio online but not the News items. Weird eh?
    Lovethe hat too!

  2. That’s weird indeed! Have you tried to upload the newest real media player?

    I was wondering how a suit guy like him would look like in Tanzania. Easy – he has the hat :-)
    It’s bl**dy awesome :)

  3. That’s a great clip. Bill has quite the voice – silky smooth but commanding at the same time. He does have a cool hat! I think it’s wonderful that he does work for Oxfam …

  4. Hi grigorisgirl: as for BBC News, the mystery is easily solved if you’re not in the UK: same thing happens to me, it’s indeed a relatively recent thing and it’s something about them no longer making it available outside the country due to broadband costs (or at least that’s the message I once got at the site).

    And Ingrid, thanks for the links – and that really is a cool hat :)

  5. @Jill – can you see the video at all? Or is it without sound for you too?

    I am actually trying to get the video downloaded, if I succeed I will put it on youtube. Doesn’t seem like an easy task though.

    (@Grigorisgirl is in the UK by the way)

  6. Oh let me correct my own sillyness.

    If you saw the hat – you must have seen the video. :)

    I remember the outside the UK thing of the BBC by the way, but I remember that you couldn’t even see the video either.

  7. @Zazz – I was just going to write that too. It must be a technical issue those 2 girls are experiencing.

    I want to add one more thing to Bill’s passionate attempt to talk sense into those who should listen:
    “We have to let the heart rule the head on poverty”

    I think we should always let the heart rule the head, but in this case even more so.

    His journey inspired me to dig up my pictures of a similar trip I did to Senegal a couple of years ago. I will write about that at some point soon, as it is the same kind of story.

    Aid really makes a hell of a difference. Stop talking, start doing.

  8. That’s true, this time I did see it ok – so now I don’t get it at all, seems to be a random thing? Anyway, great hat indeed :)

  9. I must commend Bill Nighy for his agitation in the support of a halfway decent life for the peoples of Africa. The way this situation has been ignored is a disgrace when money is wasted on other matters of far less importance. I have encouraged others to view this BBC film clip in Australia to ensure that people are aware of the efforts being made by people around the world. I particularly like Bill Nighy and this cements my strong liking for a man prepared to make an effort. Well done.

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