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Change of plans.
And it has everything to do with screen writing.

The thing is that the screen writing course I am currently attending is so bad and has such an uninspired and uninspiring teacher that I have to drag myself to attend it every week. As the next module in this course is given by the same teacher, I decided to try and find something else. And I did find the ultimate screen writing course, but …

1. The application needs to be handed in before the 14th of June
2. You need to send in a completed feature screen play
3. and a review of a recent film
4. and a treatment for a feature film idea
5. and a summary of what I hope to get out of this course

I think I can do 1, 3, 4, 5.

The problem is 2 : I have no completed feature (90 minutes film) screen play.

I just spoke to them, and we have made the following agreement:
I will send in my application anyway, and attach my short film script.

Then I will ponder about for days hoping that my short script is good enough to get me in, and that they will make an exception for me to accept my application. After that I will have to get through a round of interviews to convince them that I am committed enough and talented enough to allow me on the course.

Now, I don’t think they will accept me without a feature film screen play, as it is so explicitly stated in their rules. They told me not to count on anything but asked me to send in my application anyway, which is positive I think. And as I really really want to do this course (it runs from September 207 until May 2008 part time) I want to give it a shot. It is quite an expensive course which is why I have decided to save my holiday money for this week to pay a part of the fee, and I also need 2 days to get my application written.

So that’s why I am still in London. Call me crazy, and I might be totally wasting my week on an application that doesn’t stand any chance, but I have to give it a go. Wish me luck.

6 thoughts to “I am in …”

  1. Not crazy at all, Ingrid. It’s something you want to do and if you get in, imagine how wonderful that will be. Worth putting time in … and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get accepted. Wouldn’t that be cool!! Sending great writing thoughts your way…

  2. Fingers crossed!! I don’t think it’s crazy at all, in fact it sounds very, very sensible – you’re pursuing your dream, and that’s always a great thing :)

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