George, Brad, Bill, Mark, Kevin – It’s all about boys

Ocean’s 13 – George Clooney

A bit of a messy post, with a lot of groovy “boys” in it.

  • OK, I pick Bill over George anytime. But at a second attempt I actually managed to buy a ticket for Ocean’s 13 and not to go in and see Pirates again. Good eh? I regret that about 10 minutes after. Apart from George Clooney (who must be the Clark Gable Cary Grant of our time, and I forgive him for this film, as I know he uses the money to make real movies), Al Pacino (always watchable) and Brad Pitt (what can I say) the film really isn’t worth watching. It’s slow, confusing (and that’s really impressive for a film like this) and utterly boring. Lesson learned: never choose George over Bill.
  • I saw an interview on the telly with Kevin Spacey about the new Old Vic season. It is going to be incredibly interesting: they are bringing Almodovar’s All about my mother to stage, Stephen Fry is writing Cinderella, and Kevin himself will star in Speed the Plow. The Old Vic and Kevin Spacey are also working together with Sam (American Beauty) Mendes to do co productions with the Brooklyn Academy of Music. London and New York are linked together, great. And Sam Mendes, isn’t that the guy who directed The Vertical Hour? Will my ultimate dream come true some day? (Kevin and Bill on one stage – pfew, the thought alone …)

    The thing that struck me though was Kevin’s following serious remark:
    “I don’t care about my personal acting career anymore.”

    Chances to watch Kev in any major movie productions are close to zero. I am a big fan of Kevin, and I am glad he is in London, and will watch all the plays he will star in, but I will miss him on the big screen. He has been an inspiration, well he still is actually.

  • And another thing I shouldn’t have done is buying a book. Worse – I bought 3, thanks to Waterstones irresistible 3 for 2 offer.

    I really only wanted to buy A Spot of Bother, Mark Haddon‘s newest. And only because I liked his first book so much, and because I am hoping that he can get me out of my reading block. I haven’t read anything (else than screen writing books) for months, and I want to start reading again. It’s important for me to built up and extend my English vocabulary.

    The other 2 I bought:
    Taming the beast which sounded a bit like Notes on a Scandal to me.

    And Book Lover. I had seen that book before, and wanted to buy it but at that point I could remember my “don’t buy new books until you’ve read the ones who are waiting to be read” so didn’t buy it. But I found the story interesting. Today when I needed to find 2 books (cause 3 for 2!) I wanted to refind this one, but I had forgotten the title! I have scanned a kazzilion books in Waterstones (too proud to ask help) and luckily I found it. It better be good after all this effort. It seems an interesting book, because replace books by movies and it is about me. Nearly. The main character is:

    Separated. (well I never married but I have tried that, ahem, more than once)
    On first name terms with the pizza guy. (*cough* ahem)
    She has long loved to shut out the real world by losing herself in a literary one. (make that film and that’s me)

    And now the part where I want it to become me:
    In the book store she meets Fred – a Tennyson-quoting adonis who captures her heart.

    I have a bit of a problem here. I rent my DVD’s through Lovefilm and they deliver them in my mailbox. But Fred might be the guy selling tickets in the cinema. Who knows.

    Right. I will read Book Lover first, and I will let you know when Fred pops up.

5 thoughts to “George, Brad, Bill, Mark, Kevin – It’s all about boys”

  1. Ooh Kev in a new play! Not that I’ve had a lot of luck with him!! I managed to see The Philadelphia Story but had tix for both Richard II and Moon for the Misbegotten and couldn’t go due to illness and stroppy husband!
    Won’t stop me booking agian though;)
    I have to say about George C, what’s not to love? Far too good-looking but he’s got “something” I always see him as a Cary Grant for our times rather than Clark Gable.

  2. Yes Cary Grant was of course also the one I meant. It’s just like real life: too many boys and I get confused. :) And yes George is too beautiful, he gets away with it (for me at least) because he is intelligent. :)

    Yes book for Kevin he is always worth watching. The play he is going to be in won’t be on before January 2008 though, so we have to be patient.

  3. I’ll be interested in knowing what you think about Mark Haddon’s book … “Curious Incident … ” was fascinating for me, partly because my 14-yr.-old son has Asperger’s.

    I haven’t heard of “Book Lover” – will have to try and track it down.

  4. @Kate: I’ll let you know when I have read Mark Haddon’s new one. The Curious Incident is one of my favourite books ever, so he has a lot to live up to. I am currently reading Book Lover, and it’s OK, but not great. It’s nice to be back on track with reading again though. :)

  5. “don’t buy new books until you’ve read the ones who are waiting to be read”? Ooops. Guilty. Terribly guilty. I can’t remember a time when I hadn’t books “in stock”, but it’s a kind of a comforting thought to know I’ll never be short of reading material. And you reminded me I have wanted to read this “curious incident” for ages, so I guess I’ll add further to my pile… :)

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