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Cricket in Vincent Square
Cricket in Vincent Square

I like the “don’t squeeze me until I’m yours” sign on … the muffins in a cafe. Makes me want to squeeze them even more.

I like the white uniforms of the cricket players playing the game around the corner where I live.

I like the sharpdressed men walking to work in the morning in their suits … on sneakers.

I like the posh women walking to work in the morning in their suits on … sneakers. I am not making this up, I meet them every day. It must be a transportation thing. Using the underground in London makes you walk, and I guess that poshy shoes are too uncomfortable to walk on if you need to walk long.

I like that they wear sneakers, this means that I somehow fit in, wearing sneakers most of the time myself.

I like the free Observer Book of Film with today’s newspaper. Did you know that both France and Italy produce more films per year than the UK? And that India by far produces most films in the world per year (the US is number 4 on the list, the UK number 11).

I like having seen Pirates for the 6th time today. I like being a cine-maniac.

I like to like things, and I hope to like my new job. I start tomorrow, and yes I am a tad nervous.

What do you like?

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  1. Apologies, this is a bit unrelated to your piece. Have you heard about the “official” report commissioned by the BBC, to be published this week, which apparently finds the BBC is biased, particularly in its coverage of of single issue politics such as poverty. It singles out apparently the broadcasting of The Girl in the Cafe and Live 8 as examples of a lack of rounded debate and a shared liberal culture within BBC staff.

    On the contrary, it seems to me that The Girl in the Cafe was in the best traditions of the BBC, impassioned, asking us to question our assumptions, and not oblivious to the suffering of our fellow human beings, as well as emotionally engaging. Richard Curtis made a very fine drama that was not afraid to ask questions of those in power, and to take a stand for those without a voice – I suspect this is really what the authors of the report object too.

    Good luck with your new job on Monday.

  2. No apologies needed.

    And yes I have heard about it, and read the article on Times Online about it. (It’s here for those interested :

    Somehow, with my simple mind, I can’t see what on earth can be wrong about broadcasting a film like The Girl In The Cafe (or Live 8 for that matter) on BBC.

    I don’t know if I completely misunderstand the article, but it sounds to me that this report suggests it is wrong to broadcast programs with a (n important!!) message on BBC. If that’s the case, if that’s really what they are saying, than I am astonished. And just to make it clear – not because I am a huge Nighy fan – but because of the message this film and Live 8 want to get through to people.
    I mean who are going to tell us things like that if the BBC wouldn’t broadcast it?

    Did this article piss me off? Oh it so did. But I am still hoping that I misunderstood it all.

  3. I like the fact that none of my teachers wear their wedding rings when they teach.

    And yes, I did know that India produced the most films every year. Actually.

  4. I saw the smart suit and sneakers-thing in Brussels as well. My collegue used to come in on sneakers, take her smart shoes out of her bag and change shoes.

    I imagine that the smart suit people in London do the same. If you ever catch one inside a meeting or so with smart suit ánd sneakers, please take a picture!

  5. I like the Danish North Sea Coast on a stormy day. It smells like hapiness…

  6. The list is huge, but I’ll make a sample: I like diving into the crowd from time to time. I like rainy days. I like that life surprises me. I like to see people walking in the street with a smile on their faces for no apparent reason. I like reading what you write :)

    And what are your impressions of your first day? Hope you liked it a lot.

  7. I love my wife.
    I like the sound of rain on my bedroom window on a sunday morning.
    I like Shaun the Sheep (sorry)
    I like reading weblogs.
    I like great movies.
    I like Chinese (both the MP song and the food)
    I like Indian food (tindaloo / vindaloo)
    I like my life….

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