I was actually planning on going to attend a Q&A session in the place over all places (BAFTA building) in London (with Richard Eyre, director of Notes On A Scandal), but I was so tired that I skipped it, and even the short walk home felt like having to run a marathon.

I don’t get it. Why are the first few days in a new job so energy consuming? It’s not like I have done any hard labour. I got my laptop, met my new colleagues (and they are nice people), drank tea, ate lunch outside in the sun (well nearly) beside the Grand Union Canal (tough job), and did some reading the rest of the afternoon. How tired can that really make you?

Somehow in-cre-di-bly tired. Add to that the fact that I, of course, pretended to be dead since 1 am last night, but at 3am I was still alive, still awake, and so you get the picture. Knackered.

I am getting a clearer view of what I am supposed to be working with, and it seems interesting. On Thursday I need to have an eye and ear test, and a D&A test. D&A stands for Drugs and Alcohol. No druggies and alcoholics are allowed near tracks and trains, it’s simply too dangerous so the test is understandable. And Monday and Tuesday next week I will do a PTS (Personal Track Safety) course, and after those 2 days I should be able to answer questions like these – it’s a quiz you can try it if you like. If I pass, I am ready to enter the world of trains and tracks close by, and that might happen rather soon already. And that does sound cool to me.

I am going to crash on my sofa.

7 thoughts to “Knackered”

  1. Sounds like your first day of job was quite nice. Were you nervous about it since you were still awake at 3 am?
    And haha, I got none out of eight correct in the test. Not a job for me then.

  2. Yes I was a bit nervous, and slept badly.

    I had 2 out of 8 right in the test, pretty bad too. Those 2 days in class will hopefully improve that. If you want to get permission to film in and around trains you have to pass this safety test, that are the rules. Oh, and you also have to wear an incredibly sexy hardhat, and an orange jacket.

    I can understand why, so it’s fine :)

  3. You were 110% alert all day, so naturally you are knackered – add the previous night with lack of sleep and voila… :) As for that test, I didn’t even begin to understand the very first question, so there you go as an indication of my train knowledge!!

    But hey, that sounds pretty good for a first day! :)

  4. It’s cold turkey !
    You’ve worked to hard in your latest job. Now you’re in a more relaxing job, but your body doesn’t realise.
    Have a nice cup of tea with some serious chocolate muffins and you’ll be fine.

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