The Dutchman sails as her captain commands-uh.
This is one of the most awesome pieces of movie soundtrack I have heard in a long time. And the scene belonging to this piece of music is one of the greatest shots in At World’s End. The music reminds me of Once upon a Time in the West. When I hear this song I want to see the film again, there is no way around it. It is after all a long wait until 2008.

Audio no longer available…

4 thoughts to “Parlay?”

  1. In my book, Hans Zimmer is right up there next to Danny Elfman and Howard Shore, competing for the title of the Master of Soundtracks. And I really like the postcaarrrr(d).

  2. I agree with Anna: I really like the postcarrrrr(d) too! Shame on me, I still have not found the time to go see POTC (I’m almost expecting that lightning strikes me as you read this!!), but you do know how to be persuasive – this week it is :)

  3. I love your cartoon – the pirate is adorable and the music makes me want to see the POTC … I really should.

  4. I took a quick look at Gracenote (former CDDB) to see what else Mr. Zimmer had made in his life. I was amazed about the great number of soundtracks he has produced.

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