But I just can’t seem to get enough of

There are many transport possibilities to get to my new office, and I have been trying a few of them already this week. There are people who want to get home after work as soon as possible, and there are people who actually enjoy taking buses they’ve never taken before crossing through areas in London that were still undiscovered. It’s a great way to get to know the city.

Today after work I wanted to go to Chelsea, for a good reason: they have a cinema there, and today was the first day where I wasn’t completely knackered after work, a good day for a fix. I took the tube to Hammersmith and from there I was going to take a bus. That bus drove a nice route, it crossed the Thames over the beautiful old Hammersmith bridge, the sun was shining and I was enjoying this tour. The Thames in this area of London is so much more beautiful, it runs through a less office dominated area and there seems to be much more green. It’s a much better area for a river to run through. When thinking about all this I suddenly realized that this was indeed a nice ride, but it was not going to get me to Chelsea. I had, again, taken a wrong bus.

Normally this doesn’t matter at all, but my film was starting at 7.30pm and I really wanted to make that. So off the bus, back to Hammersmith, entering the right bus and off to Chelsea. I thought.

I had never entered Chelsea from the way I was entering it now, and I was in doubt where to hop off. So I hopped off way too early, right beside the Chelsea football stadium I found out (had never seen that before either, so it wasn’t all bad), and miles away from my cinema. It was getting close to 7.30pm, I jumped on the next bus that passed, and believe it or not, I pulled the same stunt again and managed to impulsively jump off because I thought I was close to the Chelsea cinema. I wasn’t, and it was 7.30pm and sometimes I really get tired of myself.

I looked around. And in stead of a cinema I managed to finally fulfill one of my other quests in London: finding a place where they sell decent Italian ice cream. I am incredibly picky when it comes to ice cream and I have tried a lot of places already and I thought that the perfect ice cream shop simply hadn’t opened in London yet. But I was wrong, it has, and it is located in Fulham, on Fulham Road. So I hugely enjoyed one (expensive, but soooo goood) and read the newspaper in this great ice cafe. Definitely not the last time I have been there I can assure you.

When I stepped out of this cafe I saw to my big surprise that this place was located nearly opposite Fulham cinema. It wasn’t Chelsea cinema, and it was past 8pm already, but a quick look at their schedule told me that I was exactly in time for the film I was planning to see in Chelsea but now ended up seeing in Fulham. I love it when my chaotic way of transport both brings me a new ice cream shop, and a cinema I had never been before.

Guess what film I watched. And I don’t really care what you think about it, run away screaming if you want to, I had a great evening. Fantastic ice cream and the pirate with the arching eyebrow, what more can I wish for.

You can comfort yourself with the fact that this film, eventually, will disappear from the cinema. You better enjoy the time between that moment and the day the DVD comes out, because that might be a time where I might write about something else. I can’t promise anything though.

Tomorrow I have my D&A (Drugs & Alcohol) test. Maybe watching this film tonight wasn’t such a bright idea after all. I think I’ll still be high(y) when they check me at 10.30am.

9 thoughts to “But I just can’t seem to get enough of”

  1. It’s okay, Ingrid, we still like you no matter how much you write about the film :) (And I really should be sleeping now.)

  2. Talk about drugs and alcohol… I’m getting London withdrawal symptoms again reading this post. By the way, why do you need to take that test? Is your employer that suspicious?

  3. Well they probably should be suspicious about my mental state after reading this post :)

    But no, it has everything to do with Railway safety. If you need to be walking around trains and tracks in a working environment, you need to pass this D & A test, and the test I am going to do on Monday and Tuesday (which teaches about rules and safety and how to behave when near trains and tracks). On Tuesday we are going to walk around on train tracks, and there is no access without a valid D & A test.

  4. Reading this made me miss London very, very much. I could swear I’ve been to this cinema you mention (but, alas, not to the ice cream place!). Love the way you got there – this is one of those posts of yours that leaves a smile lingering and we just can’t help it, thanks :)

  5. It was already after 8, so POTC was out of the question. It must have been FF: ROTSS.
    D&A test? One tip: Don’t eat anything with poppyseeds on or in it !!

  6. This is London, here you can see POTC all night long, which is the only reason I moved here.

    FF: ROTSS – saw that one, it’s not bad, I liked the London shots and the Silver Surfer character, but it’s not F.

  7. Hi Ingrid.

    I hope you don’t mind my commenting. Just surfed on in from BNI. :)

    Frankly, I’ll never get tired of talking about POTC 3, 2, or anything the delightful BN has done, so carry on–please! Love your blog, love the site, am SO glad to have found both.

    Am American–please don’t hold it against me.

  8. I still haven’t seen “that” film yet!
    I was due to see it with friends last week but I’d double booked myself and was doing usheretting at the Hall where I volunteer. Still the Hall is showing the movie in July so I shall wait ’til then. Talking of which I have a new job! I tried out for the box office of the Hall yesterday and have got a paid job there!! Two mornings and two evenings a week plus alternate Sat mornings for two hours. Pay’s good too:)

  9. @Ella – thanks for stoppping by, any fellow Bill appreciater is welcome here, as are the ones that don’t. Certainly no reason to apologize for being American!!

    @Grigorisgirl: Wow! Congratulations with the new job, sounds like a dream job to me!!! (Oh and I am sure you will catch POTC III, because you know I come after you if you don’t … :)

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