14 thoughts to “Love+Rock: Daydream”

  1. Ingrid,

    I think this is my favourite of all your cards … flowers, daydreaming and a beautiful day. Thank you! Kate ox

  2. This one is great!!!!!!!wauw! ;-) I love the flowers and the girl seems so relaxed keep it that way .

  3. Thank you all :)

    I just want to make clear – the words are not mine, they are (as nearly always on my postcards) from a song (hence the love+rock connection).

    In this case : I Monster – Daydream in Blue

  4. I clicked the link and browsed through the cards. “Persistence” is a very witty one. :D
    (I know lots of people who should have that card hung around their necks, just so others know what they’re up against in advance. :P)

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