Like electricity

  • It’s amazing. We were 7 people, all around my age (17) and we were all so nervous for this exam, it was like being back at high school again. We all passed. I am relieved, because it was tougher than I thought, it was all new for me and it is all so different from what I used to work with.
  • The trainer I had for this course could be a brother of Michael Caine. He looked a lot like him, and his accent was rather, ehrm, voicilicious.
  • Just shortly on the explosives: they are small round flat circles that you put on the rail. They make a sound when the train drives over them and this alerts the driver that there is trouble ahead on the line and it will make him stop the train.
  • And about my electricity adventure: when I was young (13 is my guess) I was trying to be handy. I was opening and messing about with a screw driver and a power outlet/strip, while it was still connected. I got a major shock, my arm was numb for quite a while and I never ever forget it. I like to think that my mind got messed up by it, which is very useful if you want to be a writer.
  • Power on train lines: on the over rail lines (the ones above your head) : 25.000 volts. (never ever touch them). And on the 3rd rail that is an unprotected rail just running along normal rails on lots of places: 750 volts. This does cause a lot of accidents, especially when outsiders get onto the rail (kids playing or graffiti sprayers). I was quite surprised to hear that those rails are this dangerous. And I was wondering if we have the same system in the Netherlands and in Denmark. Just never ever step on or touch rails in the UK is what I’ve learned.
  • Germany has banned the makers of Tom Cruise’s new movie from filming at military sites in the country because the actor is a Scientologist.. Weird story. Bill Nighy is in Valkyrie as well.
  • I was walking around in Canary Wharf this afternoon and they were showing Henman’s amazing tennis match on a big screen outside on one of the sky scrapers. Funny to watch all the suits watching it. And I am happy for Henman.
  • I promise not to write about trains tomorrow.
  • I found out: Papa Oscar Tango Charlie: One Zero times. Because I just returned from the One Zero time. I felt I deserved some Bravo India Lima Lima after passing my exam.

11 thoughts to “Like electricity”

  1. A big hug for passing your exam, Ingrid! Please do write more about trains. I am enjoying it. Your electricity adventure doesn’t bear repeating – ever.

    I love your postcards and have sent one … of course, the flowers one.

  2. Thanks to all of you :)
    @Kate – well as I soon will be on a shoot near track and trains, it is inevitable that I will write about trains again. But let’s say that I will try to write about the less technical stuff. I will try to take some pictures then.

    And about the postcards – thank you :)

  3. Congrats on passing the exam !!

    What if our Pirates leave the cinemas for unexplored waters ? Are there going to be withdrawal symptoms ??

  4. Quite right, we should not take this too lightly. Davy lives with me, which is a great help and he isn’t going anywhere in the near future. And apart from that – there is this big stack of Bravo India Lima Lima films that I could easily see again while we are waiting for the DVD. :)

  5. I knew you’d make it – when you’re seventeen, things are quite easy to learn, naturally ;) Congratulations!! (Oh, and I still haven’t made it to my One time of Papa-etc… bugger)

  6. Last sentence of chapter 17:
    “It was his head that hit the tree first.”
    in “the mobile library, the case of the missing books” by Ian Samsom
    In that chapter I came across sleepers.
    Have you come across any sleepers lately?
    What are they made of? Why are they called sleepers?

  7. @Clara: what’s going on, do you have an identity crisis? :-)

    I have come across some sleepers lately yes. The old ones are still made of wood, but they are changing over to those made of concrete because they last longer.

    I don’t know why they are called sleepers to be honest, maybe because the rails are sleeping on them?

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