You know you’ve lost it when …

You’ve seen POTC 10 times in the cinema? (That’s 1680 minutes of Pirate pleasure …)
Post silly postcards of Bill Nighy?
Yeah, also then.

You know you’ve lost it when it’s gone.

When you are standing at the counter in Sainsbury’s and you want to pay for your groceries. And you pick up your wallet and start looking for your debet card. First in the front, because you always put it there right? But it’s not there. You check the other compartments, but it is nowhere to be found.

I didn’t even panic. I just knew I’d lost it, and with my head full of things I didn’t even try to remember where because that would have been useless.

The last place I could remember I had used is was in the Marks & Spencer at Victoria station yesterday. I called them, it took them quite a while to check, but no, they didn’t have a card with my last name on it.

So yes I lost it completely.
But you knew that already, didn’t you?

10 thoughts to “You know you’ve lost it when …”

  1. Oh, that is not nice, I hope you find it or otherwise you get a new one quick, I feel sorry for you ;-( effe alles blokkeren hè.

  2. No need to feel sorry :)

    Everything is blocked, and my new one is ordered. I should have it somewhere next week (it takes 5 working days).

  3. Yep. You’ve lost the plot. Not the plot to the movie though. After all, after 10 viewings you’ll have that memorised.

  4. I think I can quote all Davy Jones’ lines without any problem.
    I am
    “a lost bird.
    A lost bird that never learned to fly.” (for those having seen the film)

  5. (Farthings – that made me think of something completely different)

    But yes – I have lend 9 pieces of 8 from him already.

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