You know you’ve found some of it when

You meet this nice street cleaner who asks you how you are while passing him. Good, thank you, and you?
Your busdrive to work passes The Royal Albert Hall, Kensington park, Hyde Park and Knightbridge.
You like the book you are reading.
The sun shines when you decide to go for lunch.
You work only a few hundred meters from Portobello Road where it is market day today.
You wander around on the market and it is indeed a nice market to wander on. (I had never been in Notting Hill on a market day (Friday and Saturday) before).
You find a cool vintage Levi’s jacket in one of the stalls with 2nd hand clothing, it’s exactly your size, it’s a girls jacket and it only costs a tenner.
You buy some sweet cherries in one of the fruit stalls with very nice people helping you.
You feel like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill again.
You realize that you are one lucky pirate, living in a city like this.

And now I realize I should have taken a picture of it, shouldn’t I?

(Yes I know they found a car bomb just a few meters from the cinema I often visit, but I try to ignore worrying thoughts)

5 thoughts to “You know you’ve found some of it when”

  1. We do Love you in one piece. Actually.

    But apart from the occasional attack by scary men who love dresses, I sooooooo would love to be there too !!!!!

  2. I find, that, sometimes, the best pictures are the ones we take in our mind – and you described it so well it felt like being there too :)

    I like the looks of your book!!

    (yes. wise of you to not give too much importance to those nasty characters)

  3. “Be alert not alarmed”
    is what Oliver Lucas said in The Vertical Hour.

    And that’s what I intend to be. I won’t let it rule my daily life, even though they have found a second car with explosives now. Still it is far away from where I live, and also from my work. But it’s close to places like Piccadilly Circus, the Cafe and Leicester Square.

    Tough start for the new Prime Minister.

  4. These things can happen anywhere – the best you can do is be alert, but not let it scare you. Living in fear is way too wearying …

    And I had fun reading about your day and wished that you had taken some pics!! Please – next time … I’d love to see market day in Portobello Rd.

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