Lawless Heart

Lawless Heart

As a the first one in a series of 4 films with him in it. (Send it if you like). The same film has also been inspiration for a pathetic poem with the same title I wrote a while ago. I quite like the term.

And here is my week on Jaiku. I like Jaiku, I mostly post from my mobile in lost moments on the bus, or when having a short break from either reading or writing in a cafe or the like. I try to post pictures as well. They are not always great because they are taken with my mobile, but I like the fact that they are taken while I am out and about. Looking back at it I realize that time flies, and that if I hadn’t written anything down I would have forgotten most of it (but not all.. ) already. Do you Jaiku?

Sat 30th June 2007

  • 9:58pm John Simm is fantastic in Dr. Who. Maybe I should go and see him on stage in Elling in London.
  • 3:40pm I find myself in a cinema, watching a film I have a vague recollection of having seen before.
  • 12:52pm I am the girl in the cafe in High Street Kensington


Fri 29th June 2007

  • 6:51pm Let me rephrase that, the traffic is completely mad in central London. Must be the result of the bomb threat earlier today.
  • 6:24pm Traffic seems a bit crazy in London at the moment. Trying to get home after work.

Thu 28th June 2007

  • 4:26pm I had a great lunch in Sandwich Street, isn’t that a very appropriate street name.

Wed 27th June 2007

  • 2:44pm Preparing a shooting schedule for 5 film shoots we soon will do.
  • 7:27am Near Kensington Palace, upstairs in the bus in front, enjoying London. A good day.

Tue 26th June 2007

  • 3:39pm Well for now.
  • 3:38pm A last date with Mr. Jones
  • 2:25pm Papa. Alpha. Sierra. Sierra. Echo. Delta. Bravo!
  • 12:28pm Did the exam now waiting for the result. It’s like being back at high school.

Mon 25th June 2007

  • 11:05pm Bravo Echo Delta Tango India Mike Echo.
  • 4:16pm Home after day 1. Preparing for day 2 and the exam tomorrow. I like trains.
  • 9:22am Trains, rails, tracks. I am actually enjoying this, it’s interesting.
  • 7:00am On my way to Vauxhall for my first day of railway safety training.

And while I am listening to this fantastic soundtrack of that film I have a vague recollection of having seen before, here is a movie quote that might set you thinking:

“You know, life’s funny that way.
Once you let go of the wheel, you
might end up right where you belong.”

(From Little Black Book (2004) )

2 thoughts to “Lawless Heart”

  1. Not so pathetic, I liked the poem, are you sure you didn’t have a melody in mind when you wrote it, it certainly has a really nice “indie” feel. The picture that accompanied it is very evocative too, DH Lawrence I think wrote something about making a revolution, but out of love not anger – the banner in the picture I think expresses the same sentiment. I will look out for “Lawless Heart” on DVD it sounds really engaging.

  2. Yes I’m sure I didn’t have a melody in mind :) I don’t think I could write with a melody in mind.

    Yes watch the film, it’s a real gem with a great cast.

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