This makes me very sad

The end of the New Piccadilly Cafe seem to be nigh now. Nigh means 22nd or 23rd of September 2007.

All I can say is: go visit it if you haven’t done so.

I can’t imagine any other place in London where I would go when having a writers block, feeling depressed, wanting to read or just to drink a coke with a pink straw. News like this makes me hate London.

10 thoughts to “This makes me very sad”

  1. Ingrid, I feel so sorry for you, and for the owner of THE cafe, and for the regular guests, and for all fans of THE film who might have visited THE cafe on their next trip to London. I think I can imagine how you feel. Some years ago, my favourite cafe has gone through a major interior rebuild, and now it feels like a different place. Very close to a complete close down. I wish you will find some other place with good vibrations when YOUR cafe is closed for good.

  2. By the way: I had the chance to read your yesterday blog before you blocked it. To me it was all clear, funny and nice. So typically you. I can’t imagine which part of your post might have caused misunderstandings. (And you should really do what you had in mind with that book :))

  3. @Zazz: I very very seldom edit my posts afterwards (my editor allows me to write a lot of sillyness, but hey I saw his film 11 times, so he better be nice to me), but I was starting to feel uncomfortable about that post, which is why I decided to remove it. It was spooking around in my head, so I acted upon it.

    The Cafe – it might sound ridiculous, but I feel very very bad about it.

  4. London is a big place, so there must be a cafe that will “fill your needs”. Look at it as a quest to search for a new place to get drunk on a coke with a pink straw or to block your writing.
    All great things must come to an end.

  5. “All great things must come to an end.”

    Why should they? :-)
    They are great things – they should never end!

  6. Sorry to hear the news… I agree that there are good things that should never end!

  7. That’s the problem nowadays. Big tycoons distroy small and cosy livingroom-like cafes. Lorenzo Marioni (the proprietor) once said: “This place used to make me a living. Now it’s more like half a living. I’m the like last one on the ship. It’s sinking, and there’s only a little bit of it left above the surface of the water.”

  8. I think I will just manage to visit the cafe before it closes as I´m going to be in London in August. So lucky me. However – I know the feeling when a favoured place closes, and it does make you sad.
    Also read your other post before it was edited, and it made perfect sense to me.
    By the way saw Steffen on the street not long ago, still looking good.

  9. I can feel your sadness, because it is familiar to me.
    Time can cause irreversible damage by its true nature.
    But the time yet to come holds numerous promises of life still ahead
    Yesterday I did not know that it would stop raining at this very moment.
    Sunshine is brightening my day

  10. Places give memories, we get attached to them and want them to stay where they are supposed to be forever. I hope you can spend many more times there before it closes. Then you’ll have more memories…

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