2 years later

Today it is exactly 2 years ago I saw it. It might sound silly to you to actually remember that date but it will always be an important date to me. The film set me thinking and lots has happened after that.

When I read last years post on this exact day I was amused. I had just run into Bill Nighy on Leicester Square around that time, Pirates II was out in the cinemas (I was still sane then and only saw it twice!), I was waiting for my film course to start at the London Film Academy and I had a somewhat vague plan of doing a screen writing class.

Today, one year later, 2 years after the film:

  • The Girl DVD is still travelling and has recently visited Hawaii, Zagreb in Croatia and California.
  • I have done the first module of that screen writing class and it went well.
  • I wrote a screen play for a short film
  • I did the film school course on the London Film Academy
  • I helped out on the production of 2 short films from class mates
  • I have seen Bill Nighy on stage
  • I have lived in London for a bit more than a year now and it feels like home
  • I left IT and found a job which has “something do with film making”

And to make it an even more special day: this afternoon on this exact day, exactly 2 years after the film, I will travel to Manchester (I’ve never been there before) by train to assist on my first film shoot. I love the fact that this happens on this exact day. I promise to take pictures, but there will probably be loads of trains on them.

For the year that’s ahead I have the following dreams:

  • write a complete feature film script
  • have my short film made somehow
  • get accepted on a more serious (MA) screen writing course
  • do some kind of directing course
  • and some other things I won’t mention here

I look forward to read this post one year from now to see what has happened. Sadly one of the dark moments laying ahead is the closing of The Cafe.

But I guess that the overall central message of this post must be:

Pursue your dreams.
Believing in something hard enough might just get you there.

6 thoughts to “2 years later”

  1. I love that. Thank you.
    I love your dreams too because they are soooo you ;o)

  2. It is so great to see you turning your dreams into reality – keep up the good work!! :)

  3. Ingrid, you are inspiring! I love the way you pursue your dreams … you make them work. That’s a rare gift.

    And here’s a toast to you for all you’ve accomplished and for all you will accomplish in the next year!!

    Enjoy Manchester and your first film shoot!

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