Love Actually, in a tree

Love Actually, in a tree on the heath

They still exist, the true romantics.

“Ah love, a dreaded bond, yet so easily severed …”

And then there are those that are more sceptical.

This picture is taken on Hampstead Heath, and I expect the carvings to be several years old.
Did they live happily ever after I wonder.

Have you ever carved the name of your loved one in a tree?

9 thoughts to “Love Actually, in a tree”

  1. “Have you ever carved the name of your loved one in a tree?” When you love trees, you shouldn’t do that ;-)

  2. I did in an old picnictable, does that count ?
    We still love each other but only from afar. Life interfered. Actually ;o(

  3. Just for the record: I don’t think I ever carved in a tree. But have been carving/writing on a whole lot of other places.

  4. Not the name of a loved one, but my own. And not in a tree, but in the sand at a beach in Ireland. And, well, not exactly carved. More like writing with the toe of my shoe.

  5. @Anna: not entirely the same as carving in a tree no, but accepted :-)

    @Morten: I’m very sorry about your finger, but this incident will surely be put in one of my future scripts. It’s too good not to use. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone it was you.

  6. I love trees too much to do that, but I recently learned someone (you can guess who) did that with my name included – and I could still see the proof, many years past. A bit eerie, in fact.

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