Pirates in the theatre

Was 12 times enough? Well, forrr now-uh.

First I saw Davy Jones on stage in New York. He was awesome. He was great. And cool. And nice. And handsome. And voicilicious.

Then I saw Lord Beckett in the National Theatre in London. He was fantastic too.

16 days from now I will see Captain Will Turner in the Duke of York theatre in London. Which is good, there is a pirate living here who wants his ship back, so we need to have a talk with him.

What have those three men in common?

They are all pirates, and I have spent way too much time together with them in the dark. I just returned from number 12, and I have now watched them for 2016 minutes in the cinema. Insane. I know, but it’s too late. I am already a part of the ship.

What I wanted to say: I love London and New York for bringing those men to stage. It is such a kick to see them perform without the help of CGI.

Thursday it is time for Betrayal in the Donmar theatre, which is directed by Roger Michell (who also directed Enduring Love (with Bill and Daniel) and Notting Hill (with Hugh and Julia)). No pirates here, but I look forward to that.

And to make my theatre play list complete, in August I will watch John Simm in Elling, in Trafalgar Studios. I immediately admit that I wasn’t too fond of the film version of Elling (a Norwegian film from 2001) this play is based on. But I am very fond of John Simm. John Simm played with (Bafta) Bill Nighy in the fantastic State of Play, and very recently John Simm was the absolute scene stealer in the last 2 episodes of Dr. Who, where he played The Master, an absolute lunatic. He was awesome, and I look forward to see if he can thrill me on stage as well.

It is fantastic to live in London where it is possible to see all my favourite film actors live, right in front of me on stage.

If you want to catch Orlando on stage, you have to come to London before the 16th of September. If you want to catch John Simm on stage, come over before the 7th of October.

9 thoughts to “Pirates in the theatre”

  1. I am soooooooooo jealous !!! Does this mean you actually started to LIKE Orlando Bloom ;o))))

  2. I am very very aware of how lucky I am to be living in London.

    @Annerie: Of course not! Davy wants his ship back :) No seriously, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and see how he is acting on stage in a not too big production, away from blockbuster mega movies.

  3. John Simm was great in Dr. Who, but his role in Life on Mars was not bad either.

    12 times POTC: Ingrid is turning into a pirate herself. One bad word and she will make you walk the plank :-)

  4. BBC’s Life on Mars was very well received her in the UK, but somehow it didn’t manage to grab me. That was probably because I was already grabbed by other people.

    12 times POTC: part of the crew, part of the ship :)

  5. You wouldn’t have to see it twelve times to be a part of the crew, Ingrid. You were probably part of it from the moment you saw Davy Jones :)

  6. You are an amazing woman, Ingrid … I think it’s wonderful to spend all that time in the dark with men you like!

  7. @Kate: it’s very kind of you to write it like this, but we all know that the word is “deranged”.

    I stopped worrying what other people might think about me long ago though.

    And rest assured, the film will be taken off the program on Friday, which means that this was the last time. Forrr now-uh. :)

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