What do you want Bill Nighy to read next for Silksoundbooks?

Bill Nighy and Edgar Allan Poe
Bill Nighy and Edgar Allan Poe

As if I would have any influence on that. Well, I know Davy …

The friendly people over at Silksoundbooks asked if I would ask you, dear readers, and fellow Bill Nighy fans, if we would like to suggest the next book for Bill to read.

So I am currently collecting possible titles, and after that I will put a poll online so everybody can vote for their favourite book. If there are enough votes, they will go and work on Bill so he is going to read the most popular book.

I put the official post on billnighy.info, but I think that this is such a fun project that I gladly bring it to your attention here as well.

So what do I need from you?
I want your book suggestions for the voting list. Try to think of a classic that you want to be read by voicilicious Bill, and send it in.

And – you can be the lucky winner of a free copy of this new voicilicious Bill Nighy read audiobook when it comes out.

Here are some practical rules:

The last day to send in your suggestion(s) is the 1st of August 2007. And please spread the word!

(And before you ask – yes you can send it …)

10 thoughts to “What do you want Bill Nighy to read next for Silksoundbooks?”

  1. Just *how* can we possibly choose?? I want him to read all of it!! But I’ll give it some thought and get back to you.

  2. I agree, he can read the London phonebook and I would still be listening. But we have to choose, and hope that he agrees with the book that gets most votes. If not I’ll send Davy to convince him …

  3. @Jaci – I have a list of 21 different book until now, and you can’t sneak peek just yet :-) I want people to send in their suggestions with an open mind.

    The 1st of August (that’s 10 days from now) I will publish them on http://www.billnighy.info, and I will write a short post about it here as well. Sorry for the wait!

  4. I guess the 1st isn’t so far away. I shall eagerly wait! (Who thought I’d get so into that? Not me.)

  5. I’d like to hear him read Westward Ho! by Charles Kingsley – I think he’d be perfect for that!

  6. Anything by the never to be seen again Barbara Pym. I will look through my old Pym collection, dog-eared and fallen into the tub many times over, and come up with one title alone. No Fond Return of Love perhaps.

    I just watched The Girl in the Cafe again for the nth time, folding the laundry. I find it almost impossible to get through … I love Lawrence so much and Kelly McD is utterly heartbreaking.

  7. @maria : you have to be very quick and send it in today, as the voting list will go on line tonight!

    Also please send it through the contact form as mentioned. The same thing for you Steve! Thank you!

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