OK, OK, godt så

Steffen Brandt - TV-2

Before Bill there was …

Steffen who a big inspiration. His lyrics and music brought me to places as exotic as Illulisat (yes that’s Greenland) and Christiansø (that’s a beautiful little island in the very east of Denmark). It was tough to leave them behind in Denmark.

There is a new album on its way, and the first single is already a big hit in Denmark.

I understand why.
It’s 100% pure summer happiness.
And it’s radiating straight from the twinkle in his eyes into my soul. The thing that makes him so incredibly attractive is the fact that you never quite get what it is that’s going on behind that grin on his face.

Apart from that, he is one of the best lyric writers I know.

S.O.M.M.E.R. nat – wow-o-wow-wow

And I like the fact that those 2 men somehow manage to end up on this blog, one day after each other. And they are both very voicilicious. (And I’m still dreaming).

2 thoughts to “OK, OK, godt så”

  1. I happen to love both, but yes you are wrong. I ran to and run with London (and everything in it), and haven’t regret that for a single second. I don’t think I ever will.

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