Pirate Withdrawal Syndrome

They are coming to get me.

What’s in here: books, Oxfam, writing, reading, and being late for dinner.

  • Sunday I was in Brighton volunteering for Oxfam‘s Trailwalker. 300 teams participated in this walking event where they had to walk 100 km, in maximum 30 hours. I shortly thought it was cool to participate in the actual walk myself next year, but changed my mind when I saw all those people coming over the finish line. Blisters, hardly able to walk, completely exhausted, no sleep for 30 hours. I think not. I have respect for everyone who participated though, and they raised £900.000 for a good cause. Brighton showed itself from it’s sunny side, it was lovely to be back on the beach afterwards and to stare at the sea and the blue sky for a while.
  • The BBC is currently filming in Portobello Road for Waking the Dead for which they have “rebuilt” a part of Portobello Market. How weird is that. If they had waited until Friday, the market would have been built for them. It has probably to do with permission to film on the market and things like that.
  • At work I am processing a lot of photos for a new DVD we are producing. The cool thing being that some of my pictures made it through the selection, will be included on the DVD and will be watched by people learning about safety on the track.
  • I need to write a 90 page (romantic comedy) script before November. I haven’t started yet really but I soon need to.
  • I have been reading quite steadily lately, the bus ride to work is very good for reading. It’s also about time that I work myself through that big pile of books waiting to be read I read:.

    And I am currently reading Disgrace by Coetzee, which I find quite interesting.
    If you are a reader and living in the UK, I can recommend readitswapit. Here you can swap the book your read with other people for the price of a stamp. It’s a brilliant service, it’s free and they have more than 200.000 registered books.

  • I am suffering from some serious POTC withdrawal symptoms.
  • And I’m going to be late for dinner.

2 thoughts to “Pirate Withdrawal Syndrome”

  1. * 100 kms in 30 hours? That’s worse than the “Nijmeegse Vierdaagse” at 25° C. Respect to all those people who took part in this walk.
    * I’ve heard about Waking the Dead, but never took the time to watch it. I like McCallum, CSI and Bones, so I guess it’s the TV-show for me.
    * I’m (still) producing a DVD also. It’s about my Costa Rica-holiday from last december. (Work comes first !)
    * A romantic comedy? Well…Once upon a time there was a… Maybe this is not what you’re looking for?
    * I don’t have the time to read a book. The last book I’ve read was “Innan Frosten” by Henning Mankell.
    * Cold POTC turkey? You’ve seen it so many times, you must be able play it in your mind.
    * Late for dinner? What’s cookin’?

  2. * Respect indeed.
    * I love CSI too. Miami is my favourite, Horatio is by far the coolest of the three.
    * Work comes first ? You got your priorities wrong!
    * Yep, romantic comedy. I have the story already (as a 2 page outline) I just need to turn it into a 90 page screen play now. Just.

    * Cold POTC turkey? You’ve seen it so many times, you must be able play it in your mind.

    I can, and I do, while listening to the soundtrack.

    * Late for dinner? What’s cookin’?
    I don’t know, you have to ask him! :)

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