Count on that


I have been a month in my new job today.

I still have to a lot to learn but they haven’t fired me yet so I guess things are OK. Forrr now-uh.

We are in the middle of producing a DVD and it is great to learn all the things that are needed to actually produce something like that. We are a team working on it and there is a lot to juggle with. I have been on 2 film shoots already and will be on another one somewhere next week. It’s fun to be on a shoot, it makes the job varied, we have to go to other places and we are out of the office and in the fresh air.

As the film clips are done in documentary style, we need a voice over to narrate it. Ignorant about my addiction for voices, they asked me, me(!), if I could have a go at the sample directory with voices to find a suitable narrator.

Basically that means that I have to listen to clips of professional voice actors, and while they whisper in my ear, I have to try and concentrate (which is close to impossible) and sense if they have the right voice for the job.

So I said:
“You mean that I can listen to all those voicilicous people in work time and I get paid for it?”
“Uh, yeah.”
“Just a second” I said, while quickly leaving my desk.
I closed the door quietly behind me.
And in the corridor I did a pretty long Love Actually Laura Linney.
I had to get back in, but there was no way I could wipe that huge grin off my face.

So I have my earplugs in while listening to all those beautiful voices, and they really are beautiful, these are professionals. Of course I told them that we didn’t need to go through them all, we could just pick B. for the job, but as this production needs to be finished rather soon, and B. is filming V(alkyrie) with T(om Cruise), no chance this time. Let me just say that I will keep him in my mind for next time. One of the more known people I have been listening too however is Nathaniel Parker (yes that’s Inspector Lynley – and no Bill is never more than 6 degrees away, so yes he was in one of the episodes). Nathaniel Parker has a very nice voice too, but as things look now, we will choose a female narrator. He is on the top of my list for next time too though.

“Count on that” as Capt. Jack Sparrow would say.

5 thoughts to “Count on that”

  1. A month already? Time seems to move so much more quickly these days. Sheesh.

    Glad the job is fulfilling. It’s a good thing to be learning so much and having room to grow. Far better than being stuck, stagnant, and bored.

  2. Wow … you’ve found a great job! Listening to voicilious voices is perfect … hold out for Bill on the next one!!

    TGITC arrived yesterday … tonight is film night in the 33c heat.

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