The power of dreams

Horse power
More reliable …

There were four of them, all in their Metropolitan Police uniform, all standing in a rather quiet and dodgy area of Notting Hill. 3 women and one man and they all stared at their car. More particularly they stared helplessly at the motor of their silver coloured police car, wondering why it did not want to start.

I didn’t dare to stop and take a picture while I passed them. But I had to grab my notebook when I passed the back of the car.
It said:

Honda – the power of dreams …

3 thoughts to “The power of dreams”

  1. That is so typical ;) I once saw something like it in Copenhagen except it was four car mechanics who had no idea what had happened to their van. They were probably only apprentices.

  2. That’s a good one … I love seeing the horses. Why don’t they ever use horses here? I’d prefer them to the bicycle police.

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