Hairspray and Christopher Walken – that man can dance


Christopher Walken is a great actor, and he’s is the American answer to Bill Nighy. Quirky, lanky, he wears a suit with grace and oh my does he know how to shake a leg.

Check this out (be careful though he is so cool in this clip, it might freeze your [censored] to your chair):
Christopher Walken in Weapon of Choice. I can watch it 10 times and still get blown away by his awesome coolness. I love men who got rhythem. Awesome song too by the way, it’s by Fatboy Slim.

OK, Christopher Walken is in Hairspray, and so is John Travolta (a good dancer too), as a woman. There has been a small roar about the fact that John Travolta is playing a woman but I think it’s an original choice and he played it well. Michelle Pfeiffer proves her comic talent and is great too, and as a whole Hairspray is very entertaining to watch. A lot of happy music, and a sweet and not too complicated story. The last song in the movie will most definitely make you leave the cinema with a smile on your face. (7.5/10)

PS I would still love to receive your what book do you want Bill Nighy to read next for silksoundbooks suggestions!

You can’t stop today
As it comes speeding down the track
Yesterday is history
And it’s never coming back
‘Cause tomorrow is a brand new day
And it don’t know white from black

‘Cause the world keeps spinning
‘Round and ’round
And my heart’s keeping time
To the speed of sound
I was lost til i heard the drums
Then i found my way
‘Cause you cant stop the beat

One thought to “Hairspray and Christopher Walken – that man can dance”

  1. Stars and casts always make a movie more desirous. Although this post is featured on Christopher Walken but am a big fan of Travolta and Pfeiffer. All of them make this movie an awesome effort to entertain the people.

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