8 thoughts to “Life sucks”

  1. Wauw !!! great clip but I feel sorry for Jonathan Livingstone. He had to show a litlle bit more muscles and go for it.

  2. @Jill – yes not physically harmed that it. Mentally I’m not too sure …

    @grigorisgirl – it was late and I simply couldn’t come up with a proper name. He’ll hate me for that, but then, he wasn’t very nice now was he.

    @Miek – Jonathan is too much of a gentleman to show muscles. It drives him mad sometimes.

  3. Brilliant. I hate seagulls. They crap on my windows. The fact that they are eating fatty food which will probably lead to a premature death fills me with joy on this Wednesday morning. Not that I agree with cruelty to animals, but if annoying animals like seagulls decide to be cruel to themselves then who am I to object…..

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