Up is Down

Dinosaurs in LondonI was out on another film shoot today in Purley. The weather was wonderful, blue sky, white clouds, lots of trains, orange vests, white helmets and good company. And no I am not tired of them yet. It was a short shoot, nothing special, but it was a first shoot on my own. Of course there was a camera man, but I had to do my very best to make sure we shot everything we needed, to instruct the friendly people what to do when on camera, to shout “action” now and then, and generally to not mess things up.

It was a tiny step, a step on my way to the next level. And while telling people what to do seemed like something very scary in the past, as I am shy and not the commanding type, I think I found out that it is not as scary as I thought. They probably feel as insecure in front of a camera as I do behind (although it’s getting better already), and the most important thing really is to try to explain what they need to do as good as possible up front, and to praise them after each shot. It was great, I like the fact that I slowly get more responsibility.

Tomorrow I am going to visit a sound studio in Soho where they record voicilicious people. We need a bit of voice over for a short film clip. Needless to say that I can’t wait to step into that world as well.

After a couple of months not looking at it, I’ve picked up My script again. When I wrote down that I wanted to make my short within a year from now, it felt like an impossible thing to do. It still feels like climbing the Mt. Everest but things have begun to roll already and I haven’t even pushed yet.

It feels like this:


I my head Up is Down all the time. It’s fine, as long as you know who your captain is.

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  1. Oooh, how I envy your day tomorrow!! :) As for you directing, I’m positive that you are great :) Every journey begins with a single step and you’ve done quite a few already.

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