9 thoughts to “Bill posters are cool”

  1. Haha! That’s brilliant! Is it real or did you fake it?
    Bill Stickers was somebody else that was always being prosecuted when I was a kid;)

  2. Of course it is real! That’s why I have to go to Manchester for a couple of days you know, just to not attract too much attention in London. The paint is still wet, and I have black paint on my fingers.

    I have collected quite some Bill Posters … signs in London, but this was one I hadn’t seen before, with town and country planning regulations and all!

  3. Well I am glad you all liked it as you had to look at it for a couple of days. I just returned home (London) from Manchester (Friday late) and will be in a photography course for 2 days this weekend. I am afraid the Bill poster will be around for a while, but hopefully time for a post tomorrow.

    @Joachim: it’s jump, paint, jump, kiss, run :)

    @kate: thanks it was good, I have laughed excessively much the last couple of days.

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