You just know

Location list

You turn on your iPod.
You choose: Shuffle songs.
You press play.

You have 492 songs on your iPod.

And the first song that starts playing is this one.

I love my iPod.

How can it not become a great day.

Well, …

Here is your weekly Cookie update:

The good

  • I am currently reading Making a Winning short, and am close to finishing this book. It’s a very useful book with a lot of what-to-do and what-not-to-do when making your short. I have learned a lot from it. Treat your crew well, feed them properly, and plan like a maniac before the actuall shoot. Good, I can do that.
  • I have made my shooting schedule.
  • I have made my location wish list, but have not found all locations yet. Not a major problem as the moment, but that work still has to be done.
  • I have acquired another crew member, a good friend , and a much needed mental assistant who will try to stop me from banging my head on the table when things seem to get out of control. That probably will be a full time job, and she can start at this very moment …

The bad.
Well it’s not that bad but it makes my head soft.

The script.
I got contacted by an actor/producer in the weekend who was interested in reading my script. He came back with some serious comments, as did my mental assistant. The problem is – I have been looking at my script for about a year now, and I have developed a certain blindness for its flaws. This is completely normal by the way.

Those comments need to be processed, which means that I have started another rewrite. I don’t think it is going to be that long a process, but it has to be done as I want the script to be top of the ehrm, Bill, so to speak. This might be the only film I ever make, and I want it to be the best possible film I can produce.

And even though it feels like oh fuck wank bugger shitting arse head and hole all over again – I am not giving up.

Actually, I am going to approach some more people for a script read and hear what they have to say.

Important things have to be decided, one of them being: are they going to kiss in the end or not? Very important question.

Right, I am going back to my iPod, to see if it can shuffle some more really great tracks into my ear. I deperately need it.

Cause you got my heart in a headlock
You stop the blood and make my head soft

PS this is moment where your encouragement comments enter the scene, and where you go vote for Bill’s book, if you haven’t done so already. …

4 thoughts to “You just know”

  1. Have cast my vote. Seems to be a good momentum building with the script, which is when a project sometimes seems like a mountain to climb. Take encouragement from the interest being shown by others to comment on the script or become involved in the work. Good luck.

    In relation to wonderful voices to listen to, I recently heard Anton Lesser (also from the Girl in the Cafe film) in a radio play “Pass the Parcel”. The play is a love story, which deals with the theme of the impact of personal histories on relationships and life direction. His voice can be world weary and sad, and then with a subtle change convey warmth and empathy…

  2. It’s funny, sometimes it feels like a mountain to climb, other days it feels like running down the hill. Today is a better day.

    Was the radio play on BBC4 or BBC7 – I’ll have a check if it’s still there. I love radio plays. And voices. Obviously.

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