Pies, animals and Sparkle

Films I have seen recently:

Evan Almighty
Yes it is as bad as you think it is. Morgan Freeman deserves so much better than this. And another example of the fact that stupid scripts do in fact get made into block busters. It’s a ripoff from Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey which I thought was quite funny.

Lots of pies, and one of the better recent rom-com’s, but just not as good as I hoped. The sad story here is that the first time writer/director of this film, Adrienne Shelly got murdered while working on this film. She was only 40 years old.

The Hoax
A casting error? Richard Gere, I like him, but he doesn’t fit in this film. I was not engaged in the character at all. The story was kind of interesting, but not the best film I have seen.


The sound effects are awesome and so are the cars turning into big robots scenes. The story is far out, but it’s entertaining, for the most of it.

Films I really look forward to:

by Neil Hunter and Tom Hunsinger and
They made Lawless Heart – do I need say more? If you can write a line line “I once faked a broken heart but I ran out of energy” and have that performed by a farmer (played by Bill Nighy) – that’s when my heart starts jumping. That farmer was called Dan by the way. Ring any bells?

It hurts a bit to know that they had casted Bill Nighy for the role now played by Bob Hoskins (I think – and not bad either) or Anthony Head who is in it as well, and another reason to go and watch it. But problems with funding messed up the production plans, and Bill had to move on to other projects. Still a film I really look forward to and I am going to a Q&A session with the makers of this film next weekend.

Lady Chatterley
Wow, the music in the trailer makes me feel like falling in love. Very powerful, I hope the story is as good.

Eagle Vs. Shark
Love the poster.Saw the trailer – looking fantastically quirky! I love quirky.

Hallam Foe
I saw Billy Elliot again yesterday and I cried like a baby again. I love to see Jamie Bell in this new film.

5 thoughts to “Pies, animals and Sparkle”

  1. Evan Almighty: I didn’t even see Bruce Almighty, because JC thinks he can sell any movie by making a crazy face. It worked for him in The Mask, but after that it’s going downhill, so a spin-off can’t be good.

    Waitress: Still has to open in Holland, but I’m curious.

    The hoax: Indeed an interseting story, but it’s already out of the cinemas in Holland, so I’m lookjing for the DVD.

    Transformers: Though the special effects are cool, it’s just another comic/cartoon made into a feature film.

    The other films are either not in the cinemas yet or are played in the smaller cinemas. I think I’d go for Eagel vs. Shark.

  2. I quite liked Bruce Almighty, definitely not his worst film. I quite like Jim Carrey too, but appreciate him most in more serious films. He was great in Man on the Moon, and liked him in The Truman Show too.

    Eagle vs. Shark – I hope I can catch it on a preview on Wednesday. It looks so different and original and quirky I can’t wait to see it. The trailer is hilarious, and hey – it’s a romance!

    Trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh_OoO91AEo

    Love is awkward.

  3. I’m a Jim Carrey phobic (ok The Truman Show was good but as soon as he pulls a face I’m out of there).
    I watched the trailer for Lady Chatterley, could be good but the guy playing the gamekeeper isn’t doing it for me!

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