Bugger doesn’t cover it

Here is my day:

  • I stood up rather early to make some last changes to my script when my pc crashed. It died.
  • My Windows XP installation/repair CD is somewhere in a box in Denmark
  • I didn’t have any backups of scripts, and postcards. YES I KNOW THAT IS STUPID!
  • To not go completely mad I decided to take the bus to cinema. The bus driver turns out to be the jerk of the month.
  • The film I wanted to see was sold out.
  • I saw The Simpsons movie in stead and didn’t find it funny at at all.
  • I spilled coke on my shirt.
  • It’s cold in London, I have been freezing my butt off two evenings in a row waiting in the rain for the bus!

So what’s the good news?
I don’t know, you tell me!

(Sunday morning update: Pfew. I picked up an Windows XP cd at the office reinstalled it. Even though it gave me loads of error messages, I was able to get some kind of Windows installed, and saved scripts and postcards. I think the hard disk is rotten, but today is a good day!)

9 thoughts to “Bugger doesn’t cover it”

  1. Oh Christ. I’m really sorry. I’ll pray, dance a rain dance, do whatever good-vibe ritual it takes so that at the VERY least, your undoubtedly wonderful script can be saved. The postcards, at least, are saved on the blog!

    Really sorry about your other discomforts, too. I lived in NYC a while, and it’s no fun shivering in the wet and cold, waiting for a bus.

    Stupid busdriver. :(

    THANK YOU for disliking the Simpsons. I truly have never understood why anyone would think it funny, and yet a lot of people obviously do.

    Chin up. It’s just a bad patch. *crossing fingers and eyes that you might salvage your PC*

  2. Glad you were able to retrieve things with the PC. You might want to consider at some point changing to a Mac computer – in my experience they are less prone to crashing, pretty much immune to viruses, have great intuitive and uncomplicated software, and look really cool.

  3. * And that’s why I’ve got a second PC with the same stuff on it. It’s an old one, but it works fine as a backup PC. I can remember you had a similar problem a while ago…?
    * Always make a copy the software you need most !
    * You took the words right out of my mouth.
    * Don’t bother. You’ll probably never see him again.
    * What was the movie you wanted to see?
    * Just like I said: never try to make a succesfull cartoon into a movie. It seldom works.
    * You’re lucky that you didn’t get hot chocolate !
    * Walk to the next busstop. It will keep you warm :-)

  4. Sending good vibes from here too – the good thing when apparently everything goes wrong is that, after that, it can only improve… :)

  5. After reading your post early this morning, I have been looking for words of consolation but couldn’t come up with anything adequate. Because, as you said, “bugger” didn’t cover what had happened. So, I am glad to read that you were able to save the script and the postcards. Everything else were minor mishaps (o.k. an accumulation of mishaps) which – I am sure – you’ll get over with. As for the Simpson’s: I totally agree with you and Ella. They are NOT IN THE LEAST funny to me.

  6. I am joining the crowd, virtually hugging you,
    hoping and wishing that a bad day dissolves into a good week.
    Which reminds me of the new Anna Gavalda movie
    “Together one is less alone”.
    New in the sense that it just came out in Germany.

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