The Bore Ultimatum

What is going on? Why do both the Times and the Guardian rate this (hopefully) last film in the trilogy that well? I was utterly bored! I gave it a fair chance, but I admit, having read nearly all Ludlum books, that these three were not among my favourite ones. Neither is the film.

What’s the film about? It’s about Matt Damon running around being chased by baddies. That’s about it, and that for about 2 hours long.

What annoys me the most about the whole Bourne franchise is Matt Damon himself. Here is what he has to say about Bond, James, Bond:

“Bond is an imperialist and a misogynist who kills people and laughs about it and drinks Martinis and cracks jokes.” By contrast, he added, “Bourne is a serial monogamist whose girlfriend is dead and he does nothing but think about her … he doesn’t have the support of gadgets and feels guilty about what he’s done.” (Guardian). Here is more on Bond vs. Bourne.

I only have one thing to say: it was probably a desperate attempt from Matt Damon. I mean who can compete with Daniel Craig in a Bond movie that has a lot more character development than the Bore Ultimatum, and Casino Royale was also a hell of a lot more interesting to watch. Not to say that Daniel Craig has more charisma in his left small toe nail than Matt Damon as a whole, Matt Damon has no charisma at all on screen. Sorry for the rant. The Bourne Ultimatum (6/10)

I am currently preparing for a 4 hour train trip to Carlisle somewhere in a more northern part of the UK. My iPod is charged, my silksounding Bill books are waiting for a re-read, and it is also stuffed with music that is going to make my train journey great. My script is in my bag as well, you never know when inspiration strikes you.

We are going to shoot some film on a depot where they transport nuclear waste. That will light up my day. It might light up me as well. In several ways. Not that my day needed lighting up more, it was turned into a very bright one already very very early in the morning. I haven’t slept much because of it, and maybe I will tell you why at some point. Or not. It all depends. On if dire chance and fateful cockup will have it.

5 thoughts to “The Bore Ultimatum”

  1. I agree with you about Matt Damon … from the bits I’ve seen of tv adverts for the film, I haven’t felt inclined to see The Bourne Identity. Now I’m glad I’ve not wasted my time.

    I am looking forward to hearing about your trip north … and please do not get yourself lighted up. I hope inspiration strikes.

    I am also sorry for not letting you know sooner about my post on “The Girl …”. I saw it in colour!!

  2. @Kate – no worries about the Girl, I’ll mail you when I am back.

    My trip north, well it’s a pretty boring city I found out today. I’ll only be here tonight (to sleep) and tomorrow to work, I go home again tomorrow. Places like these make you appreciate London even more (if that was possible).

    The area here however is absolutely amazing with hills and lakes, but I have no time to explore this time!

  3. “Daniel Craig has more charisma in his left small toe nail than Matt Damon as a whole” Hahahahhah!! Couldn’t agree more :)

  4. I think I was reading about The Bourne series in The Independent, and they were all like “Yeah, we’re a bit like Bond, but we don’t have the gadgets or the women in bikinis and stuff.” And I’m like what? You’re like Bond with the best bits taken out?

  5. The problem with this movie is the same problem with the second film: the way it is shot. Director Paul Greengrass puts the camera right into the middle of the action where we can’t focus on anything, and then shakes the camera around in order to make it worse. Does the word steadicam mean anything to this man?

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