Cute beyond belief

Mother and daughter

No I didn’t immediately role into an after-birthday-depression. I spend my birthday and weekend away from my computer and with Billy (Elliot and Mack), apes and my mother.

And this must be my new favourite picture.

It’s taken in the Monkey World Ape Rescue centre in Dorset yesterday. If you like monkeys this is a nice place to go. It is easily reachable from London, about 2.5 hours by train and that trip will slice you through some very nice areas of the UK. If you watch Animal Planet, Monkey World is featured in the Monkey Business series. I could watch those monkeys all day long, and there are some more photos to come.

We also went to see the Billy Elliot musical. It was entertaining, and the young children on stage did a cracking job, but, as a big fan of the film, it did not completely live up to my expectations. I do prefer the film, but then I am a film-o-holic.

And yes we saw Love Actually. And no that wasn’t my idea. But hey of course I don’t say no if somebody actually wants to watch it (It’s a Christmas movie! Doesn’t matter! OK, warning Bill is in it – I might behave weirdly when he is visible. I know that, pathetic when do you grow up? Never! OK, bring it on anyway!), and there is no limit in the number of times I can enjoy that film.

Tomorrow I have a day off, and will attend a casting day to see if I can spot a potential Dan and/or June for the Cookie film.

5 thoughts to “Cute beyond belief”

  1. It looks like you’ve had a fun day together with Miek.
    The MWAR is on my to-do list when I’m in the UK next time. I’m a regular watcher of the show on AP. It’s sad to see how some monkeys are treated bofore they’re ‘rescued’.
    Are you really enjoying the movie or are you enjoying BN?

  2. @Pedro – I am really enjoying the movie, of course I also enjoy BN.

    But some of my fav. scenes from Love Actually:

    – Andrew Lincoln standing in front of Keira Knightly with the written cards (breaks my heart every time)
    – Alan Rickman buying the brace let and Rowan Atkinson “giftwrapping” it
    – Emma Thompson crying on Jodi Mitchell (great acting!)
    – Laura Linney doing the “Laura Linney” move
    – the scene where Liam Neesons (steph) son tells him he is in love
    – the all you need is love performance at the wedding
    – Hugh grant dancing on Jump of the Pointer Sisters
    – all Billy Mack scenes, but the one in the beginning and the “let’s get pissed and watch porn” in particular

    Honestly – what is not to like about this film? Even though most of my screen writing tutors do not like it (they are sad and pathetic), I think it is a fantastic script!

    @Rob: thank you!

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